Pixar Animation Studios, plus connu comme simplement Pixar, est une société qui produit des films d'animation en images de synthèse. Elle a été achetée en 2006 par la Walt Disney Pictures. En 2009, Pixar a fondé un studio fille au Canada, Pixar Canada.


Pixar a créé de nombreux films :

Pixar a aussi créé des courts-métrages :

Pixar a aussi fait d'autres courts-métrages à part :

Pixar avait débuté un film appelé Newt mais qui a été annulé. Il était prévu pour paraître en 2011.

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Pixar a dévoilé des films en production qui paraîtront dans les prochaines années :

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All Pixar features have a common theme. The setting of the film is always a world in which people/creatures/objects that are not commonly thought to have normal everyday lives live in societies resembling modern American society. For example :

  • Toy Story, Toy Story 2, Toy Story 3, et Toy Story 4 — Toys come to life and have adventures when their owners are away.
  • 1001 pattes — Insects live in harmony and have their own hierarchy and tiny little cities.
  • Monstres et Cie et Monstres Academy — Horrifying monsters live everyday lives in their own community. Scaring kids is just their day job.
  • Le Monde de Nemo et Le Monde de Dory — The ocean, like Earth's land mass, has its own cities, schools, and communities ruled by fish.
  • Les Indestructibles et Les Indestructibles 2 — Superheroes live among us and take ordinary jobs and have ordinary problems, such as a greedy boss or a troublemaking son.
  • Cars, Cars 2, and Cars 3 — Vehicles live by themselves without humans.
  • Ratatouille — A rat visits Paris and wants to cook.
  • WALL·E — A little robot finds adventure in space.
  • Là-haut — An old man's house gets lifted by balloons and he finds adventure.
  • Rebelle — In a kingdom, a rebellious princess wants to live as freely as she desires.
  • Vice-Versa — Taking place inside a girl's mind, five emotions have conflict helping her adjust to a new life in a new place.
  • Le Voyage d'Arlo — A young dinosaur tries to find his way home with the help of a strange caveboy.
  • Coco — A living boy ends up in the Land of the Dead, a place where people live as skeletons after they die.
  • En avant — Two elf brothers try to use magic to bring back their deceased father.
  • Soul — A jazz performer's soul wants to try and get back into his original body after an accident.

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