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MysticCanines'Heroine732 MysticCanines'Heroine732 24 mag 2018

The Pride Landers and characters like Scar sure need their Lion Guard Photos

Scar's in season two of the Lion Guard but this wiki only shows his Lion King pictures. in the Lion Guard he's a fire head. In the series titled the Lion Guard Mufasa flashes brightly like the sun because he's a spirit in the sky who talks to Kion his grandson. And when saying the army of Scar it's not only hyenas any more he has additional minions in the Lion Guard TV series. Scar's fire head photos could at least be his seperate moments of talking with his army explaining his different schemes, when he's speaking with the Lion Guard, when he's a fire head wishing to hurt characters like the elephants, Rafiki, Beshte, because sometimes he's just above the cliff he's ready to throw fire onto.Scar's minions have more photos than he does.


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