歌とほほえみと (With a Smile And a Song) は、『白雪姫』に登場する楽曲である。


歌を歌い ほほえむとき
苦しみは消えて 日が光る

歌を歌い ほほえむとき
喜びが胸で 目を覚ます

嵐の吹く 夜も じっと
耐えていれば やがて朝が来る

歌を歌い ほほえむとき
苦しみは消えて 日が輝く

Snow White:
With a smile and a song
Life is just a bright sunny day
Your cares fade away
And your heart is young

With a smile and a song
All the world seems to waken anew
Rejoicing with you
As the song is sung

There's no use in grumbling
When raindrops come tumbling
Remember you're the one
who can fill the world with sunshine

When you smile and you sing
Everything is in tune and it's spring
And life flows along
With a smile and a song

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