Collision of Worlds
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Componist Brad Paisley
Robbie Williams
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Zanger(s) Brad Paisley
Robbie Williams
Films Cars 2
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Brad Paisley and Robbie Williams - "Collision Of Worlds" montage

Brad Paisley and Robbie Williams - "Collision Of Worlds" montage

"Collision of Worlds" is een liedje uit Cars 2 dat afspeelt tijdens de aftiteling. Het is gezongen door Brad Paisley en Robbie Williams. De tekst gaat over de verschillen tussen de Verenigde Staten en het Verenigd Koninkrijk.


At the first sign of morning light ol' glory's in the sky
Across the pond, it's afternoon, and the union jack flies high
We're on our first cup of coffee
We're on our third cup of tea
And we can't pretend to live on different planets, you and me

In this collision of worlds
Watch the new day dawn on a distant shore
In this collision of worlds
Oh, you can't sit this out no more

Abbey Road, Route 66
CIA to the MI-6
Right lane, left lane
Metric, imperial, pounds, dollars
Howdy, cheerio
That V8 growl to a V12 scream
Hail to the chief, well, God save the queen!
Cops, bobbies, Tabasco, Wasabi
Pistachio ice cream!

In this collision of worlds
Well it's too late, you can't stop it now
In this collision of worlds
Yeah, find you a place and just watch it now, watch it now

Yeah, you're a good ol' boy
Well, you're a decent bloke
I say it's irony, I say it's a joke
When I look around, now I can see
We ain't so different, you and me

Meat and potatoes, bangers and mash
Dollars, pounds, dosh, cash
Autobahn, to the rising sun
The I10, to the M1
Congress, parliament, president, the queen!
Petrol, you say gasoline
Now grab your bird, and get your girl
Now it's a small world!

Collision of worlds
Watch the new day dawn on a distant shore
In this collision of worlds
No, you can't sit this out no more
It's a collision of worlds
It's too late and you can't stop it now
Collision of worlds
Find you a place and watch it now


  • De tekst "Pistachio ice cream!" is gezongen door Takel



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