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Szablon:InfoboxPiosenkaTo piosenki wykonania Chyny i Lexi w odcinku Tajny agent.

Piosenka Chyny[]

This gift is from Chyna with love,
the boy I had dreamed of,
came from above,
We fit together,
like hands in love,
So I send this gift,
from Chyna, 
with loo-oo-oove!

Piosenka Lexi[]

Ignore that bore,
a boy like you has more instore,
like it'll be a chore,
with that girl next door,
So I inploit a far from Lexi,
kisses galoooore!

Duet Chyny i Lexi[]

Lexi: Double crossed,
we've been double crossed,
Chyna: Thanks to Olive,
all hope is lost (see a sucker trampoline),
Lexi: She stole our handsome Dixon,
Chyna: Why did we trust that evil vixen? (volcano hootnanny)
All: As you can see we've been double crossed
We've been double crossed. (filibuster tangerine)
Olive:  Guys, do you mind, we're trying to have dinner here!
(Chyna i Lexi odchodzą)