• Hi :) Thanks for submitting your revision of MediaWiki:Common.js for JavaScript Review. Unfortunately, I've had to reject it, because it doesn't quite meet our customisation policy. As you can see in the chart on that page, the kind of icon you're trying to install needs to appear to the left of the "Edit" button when there is no interlanguage link menu present. Your code would leave the icon above the Edit button.

    Dodawanie ikon służących do nawigacji po treści. Nie większe niż 25×25 pikseli i umieszczone po lewej stronie menu linków językowych (lub powyżej przycisku „Edytuj” w przypadku braku)
    Dodawanie opcji do rozwijanego menu „Edytuj”, ale poniżej opcji domyślnych.

    When you fix that, I'll be happy to approve, because it otherwise looks good!

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    • Hey :) Thanks for resubmitting. Unfortunately, placement of the icons are still not what they're supposed to be. Now, when there is a language dropdown, the icons are to the right. But they're supposed to be to the left of the language dropdown. When there is no language dropdown, the icon should be to the left of the edit button. But it's currently still on top of it. So there's a little more work that needs to be done with positioning before I can approve it.

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    • Okay, so how can I acually change that to make it right? What part of code should I remove or what should I add?

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    • Hey :) Though I've had to reject the latest revision again, you're getting close to a solution here. An if/else solution seems smart to me, but your CSS selectors are a little off. Try using in the "if" part, and .wds-button-group for the "else". You're just trying to say "if the language dropdown exists, attach the icon to it, but if it doesn't, then attach it to the edit button."

      I'd also recommend that you use pixels, rather than em, as the units to place them away from those two selectors. In this case, you want them a fixed distance away from the buttons, and em would be a more relative distance.

      While you're trying to get it in the right place, don't forget to use the "Włącz tryb testowy" button in the "Status przeglądu JavaScript" to help you see what your changes are doing. As you've probably seen already, I've found the Mal page a good one to test with. Test by removing, and then re-adding, the interlanguage links. That'll show you where your icon is going. The current revision has the icon right in the middle of the categories, which is the reason it got rejected.

      I know this is probably a little frustrating, but with a little trial-and-error — and the use of the Włącz tryb testowy button — you'll figure it out!

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    • Użytkownik Fandomu
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