Legendary Disney Channel Stars
Legendary (Disney Channel Stars)
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Cantor Meg Donnelly, Madison Hu, Skylar Katz, DeVore Ledridge, Peyton Elizabeth Lee, Kayla Maisonet, Jenna Ortega, Sophie Pollono, Dara Renee', Navia Robinson, Olivia Rodrigo, Sofia Rosinsky, Kylee Russell, Olivia Sanabia, Ruby Rose Turner, Sofia Wylie, e Cozi Zuehlsdorff
Álbum Raven's Home: Remix, The Musical Episode
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Disney Channel Stars - Legendary (performed by Disney Channel Stars)

Disney Channel Stars - Legendary (performed by Disney Channel Stars)

Legendary (Disney Channel Stars) é o nono canção no álbum Raven's Home: Remix Album.

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Hard work's always faceless
It doesn't matter what your gender or race is
Show me somone who is better, and we can watch 'em
When they crumble under pressure
Coach, you've got a story
It's something for the whole wide world
No guts, no glory
The best man for the job is my girl

All I'm asking
Is you open your mind
Do the right thing
Don't give up the fight
'Cause we didn't come here to cheer
We came to lead, and we're right here
So open your eyes and see
You can be legendary
You can be legendary, yeah, yeah
Just open your eyes and see
You can legendary
You can legendary
Yeah, yeah

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