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Filmes A Bela e a Fera
A Bela e a Fera: O Natal Encantado
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A Bela e a Fera (2017)
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Once Upon a Time
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Interpretado por Henri Lubatti (em Once Upon a Time)
Ewan McGregor (no filme de 2017)
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Voz Bandeira eua.svg Jerry Orbach
Jeff Bennett (2004-presente)
Ewan McGregor (no filme de 2017)
Bandeira Brasileira.png Ivon Cury (diálogos)
Mauro Ramos (canções no primeiro filme e diálogos nas continuações)
Ivan Parente (apenas no filme em live-action de 2017)
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Lumière é um candelabro com um sotaque francês que foi dublado por Jerry Orbach, já falecido, apresentado em A Bela e a Fera e seus midquels. No final, o encanto é quebrado e ele se transforma de volta em um ser humano, e assim como os outros servos da Fera. Ao lado de Bela, Lumière é o melhor amigo da Fera.

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he Casanova of all candelabras. He is a suave, vivacious gentleman and as any gracious host would, treats Belle with warmth and to a spectacular show-stopping number, "Be Our Guest". He is instrumental in helping Belle and Beast fall in love.”

―Diamond Edition Website

Lumiere (which translates from French as "light") is a supporting character in Disney's 1991 animated feature film, Beauty and the Beast. He is the charismatic, yet rebellious, castle maître d', who was turned into a candelabra by the Enchantress's curse.

Contents[show] Background Lumiere is a servant in a French castle ruled by a formerly selfish prince. He served as the castle's maître'd, and is interestingly one of the few inhabitants to actually speak with a (albeit, considerably exaggerated) French accent. He is also somewhat of a showman. Well-liked and respected amongst his peers, Lumiere is a prominent member of the prince's unofficial council of confidants. He also has a notable relationship with one of the castle's many maids, Fifi—a relationship that had been in bloom for a significant number of years, prior to the events of the film.

After the castle was overtaken by a curse placed by a powerful enchantress, Lumiere was turned into a candelabra, while the other servants suffered similar fates, also becoming household objects. The prince, meanwhile, would become a monstrous beast. For the following decade, Lumiere would remain hopeful that the curse would eventually break, restoring the humanity of himself and his allies. This hinged on whether or not the Beast could learn to love another and earn their love in return.

Personality Lumiere is a kind-hearted, charismatic, yet rebellious servant of the Beast. Incredibly social and hospitable towards all of whom he meets, Lumiere has a habit of disobeying the firm rules of his antisocial master, frequently resulting in controversy. Nevertheless, after Belle, he is arguably the Beast's closest friend, as the Beast often turns to Lumiere for advice. His free-spirited and rebellious personality often put a severe strain on his friendship with Cogsworth, who prefers to abide strictly by his master's rules to avoid any trouble. As shown many times in the film series, however, Lumiere values Cogsworth like a brother and vice versa.

He is also depicted as a chivalrous ladies' man, as Beast often goes to him for love advice dealing with his feelings for Belle. In addition to this, he can be rather flirtatious and often speaks in a suave, smooth tone. This is most frequently seen during his interaction with Fifi. He is also somewhat of a womanizer, as implied in the Marvel Comics with him fondling two feather duster maids, as well as in The Enchanted Christmas, where he refers to Angelique as an "old flame". Lumiere's admiration and knowledge of romance were also put into good use during the development of the Beast and Belle's relationship throughout the course of the original film; most notably when he gave Beast the idea of bestowing the castle's massive library onto Belle, because of her love of books. Even so, there were instances in which he didn't seem to understand the circumstances of the curse, questioning how much he truly understands love. For example, the evening in which Belle became a prisoner within the castle, Lumiere believed Belle and the Beast could fall in love by midnight of that night, thus breaking the spell. It was Mrs. Potts that had to explain the delicacy of two individuals falling in love, reminding Lumiere that it will take time. After the Beast eventually does falls in love with Belle and releases her because of this, Lumiere again assumed that the spell would be broken, prompting Mrs. Potts to chime in once more, explaining that the romantic affection must be mutual in order for the curse to be lifted.

In the Special Edition song "Human Again", Lumiere's character is slightly expanded on, revealing that he as a human had "a mademoiselle on each arm" and that he was a courtier. In addition, a line from Mrs. Potts in the same song about his actions "certainly causing husbands alarm" implies that he also was not above at the very least courting married women.

Physical appearance Under the curse, Lumiere was a three-armed golden candelabra with leaf-shaped accents, features sculpted in the middle and tallest candle and a drop of wax resembling a lock of hair.

As a human, he has fair skin, is lanky, has a prominent chin, light auburn hair tied back into a ponytail with a yellow ribbon, yellow cravat, brown vest, cream shirt with long puffy sleeves and ochre leaf-patterned cuffs, ochre culottes (knee-length breeches), cream stockings, brown shoes.

Appearances Beauty and the Beast Lumière in first film Lumiere in Beauty and the Beast.

After that fateful day when his master refused to let a beggar woman into the castle (who was really an enchantress in disguise), Lumiere and the other servants in the castle were turned into household objects. Lumiere was turned into a candelabra. He is the first to show any kindness to Maurice who was lost in the woods. Lumiere and the others comfort him until the Beast arrives. Lumiere shows fear and has no power to save Maurice from being trapped in the dungeon. When Belle searches for her father Maurice she stumbles upon the castle. Lumiere is the first to spot and shows her the way to her father. Belle trades places to save her sick father and Lumiere gives advice to the master as he shows her to her room. Lumiere and Mrs. Potts the castle's head of the maids speak with Beast about the spell being broken and tries their best to calm his temper. When Belle wishes not to attend to dinner it causes Beast's temper to go out of control. Lumiere and the others clean up the kitchen and Belle appears. At first the Beast tells Belle if she likes it here then Lumiere cuts him off

and tells her you can go any whare you like and decides to give Belle a warm welcome by singing "Be Our Guest". After Belle goes into the West Wing which is forbidden, the Beast appears and she leaves. Lumiere and the others tend to an injured Beast after he saves her from a pack of wolves.

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VISIT D&D BEYOND The winter hits and Lumiere notices the Beast has feelings for Belle and she may possibly feel the same way. A romantic evening is prepared and their love grows. Belle returns home to tend to her father leaving Lumiere crushed, believing the spell will never be broken. The castle is soon under attack by a mob led by a rival suitor for Belle, Gaston. Lumiere leads the servants into a ferocious battle with the mob. At one point, he is almost killed by Gaston's right-hand man, LeFou, but is saved by Cogsworth. He soon after rescues his girlfriend Fifi from a mobster and is eventually successful in driving the mob out along with his allies.

Afterward, having presumably been tipped off by Maurice, he rushes to the West Wing with Cogsworth and Mrs. Potts to aid Beast against Gaston, but arrives too late, just as Gaston stabs Beast fatally and falls to his death. After Belle confesses her love the spell is broken and Lumiere and the other servants become human. At the film's finale during the royal ball, Lumiere and Cogsworth "agreed to let bygones be bygones", but then broke into an argument over who told who that Belle would break the curse... an argument that quickly turned into a brawl which they abruptly break off to watch Belle dance with the Prince (PS, it was Lumiere). After the argument, Lumiere is seen holding hands with Fifi watching Belle and Adam dance. He is also seen in the ending stained glass window.

Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas Normal 04enchantedchristmas 253 Lumiere in Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas.

Taking place after the events of the first film, a Christmas party is being held at the castle. In during which, Lumiere and the servants reminisce the December in which Belle restored Chrismas to the castle, which had previously been prohibited by orders of the Beast. Lumiere claims he was the one who saved Christmas, though Cogsworth prefers to take the credit, himself. Mrs. Potts, the neutral party, gathers the ball's attendants and explains that Christmas was the exact day the enchantress cursed Lumiere, the master, and the other servants, transforming the Prince into a beast and the servants into various objects. The events occurred after Belle's encounter with the wolves, but before the night of ballroom dance in which she and the Beast fell in love.

As the flashback goes, Lumiere was rebellious against an anti-Christmas and wished to celebrate with or without the Beast. Under Belle's leadership, Lumiere and the other servants established an underground Christmas celebration, convincing Cogsworth by enticing him with all the food that'd be present at the Christmas feast. For their attempts, however, Belle was punished and locked in the dungeon. On the day of Christmas, Lumiere and the others visited her and proclaimed that they can celebrate Christmas without the extra accessories (such as mistletoes and a tree), which led to "A Cut Above the Rest", a bantering show tune between himself and Cogsworth.

When Forte, the castle's musician becomes evil believing the Beast will lose attention after becoming human by Belle, he begins to tear them apart with no true avail, until the climax, where Forte uses all his power to destroy the castle and everyone in it. Lumiere helps battle Forte and protect the rose, and eventually, Forte is defeated.

Lumiere celebrates alongside the rest of the castle when the Beast puts an end to his hatred for Christmas. Back present day, he and Cogsworth eventually come to the consensus that it was Belle who ultimately saved Christmas at the castle.

Beauty and the Beast: Belle's Magical World Normal bellesmagicalworld 559 Lumiere in Beauty and the Beast: Belle's Magical World.

He is the protagonist in the short Fifi's Folly. On the fifth anniversary of Lumiere's first date with Fifi, Lumiere grows so nervous to the point that he cleans himself excessively and turns to Belle for advice, by walking with her in the garden and reciting what he plans to say to Fifi to her. Fifi overhears this and believes that Lumière and Belle are having an affair behind her back. In reality, Lumiere has planned a surprise snow ride around the castle gardens with Fifi.

To get back at Lumiere, Fifi attempts to seduce Cogsworth, who is apparently not interested. In the end, things are cleared up and Lumiere and Fifi go for the ride, but the pot they are sitting in slips off the edge of the balcony and hangs over the moat (the same chasm that Gaston will eventually meet his som). Lumiere holds onto Fifi for while hanging for dear life and tells her he loves her. Before they can fall, Belle, Cogsworth, and a few more servants arrive and get them back to safety.

House of Mouse Houseofmouselumiere Lumiere in House of Mouse.

Lumiere has made numerous cameos in the animated television series House of Mouse.

In "The Stolen Cartoons", he complained about the current service as the club was briefly being controlled by Donald Duck.

In "Max's Embarrassing Date", he and his family were sent to Max's dinner table. For some reason, they are all candles, which makes no sense since he never was a candle, to begin with.

His most notable role in the show is in "The Mouse Who Came to Dinner" in which he arrives at a restaurant critic, but none of the employees know this until the end, due to the sneaky Mortimer Mouse tricking them into believing he's the critic. Once exposed, Lumiere burns his behind having him rush out the club. At the end of that same episode, the advertisement Lumiere's Dining By Candlelight was seen on screen.

In "Goofy's Valentine Date", Lumiere briefly gave romantic advice to Goofy.

In "Pluto Saves the Day", he tells the Beast "Those kittens were so adorable."

Other appearances An emoticon version of Lumiere appears in the Beauty and the Beast entry of the As Told by Emoji short series.

In Ralph Breaks the Internet, Lumiere appears as an inanimate candelabra sitting at Belle's vanity in Oh My Disney