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«Помню я» (англ. I Remember) — песня из мультфильма «Русалочка: Начало истории Ариэль».

Текст песни

Оригинальный (английский) текст

Under the bright blue endless sky
Wait, I remember that
How I know that song
I remember sitting in the moonlight and that feeling
What's that feeling?
I remember, yes,
How I know that song
Though it's been so long
I remember happiness with out a floor or ceiling
What's that feeling
I remember

La, la, la

Oh! I remember her, and how we were
I remember wanting with the evening, would be bringing
I remember singing under the bright blue endless sky
Waves try to measure the days that we treasure
And I, I remember... I remember music
And I'm never going back to the silent law they wrote
I will sing in every tempo, every last chromatic note
For I, I remember her
I remember music
And I remember love

Русский текст