(I Ain't Your Baby) I'm Your Uvula is a song from the adventure game, Nightmare Ned. During the time when Ned Needlemeyer is inside an inhuman mouth, he enters an area which resembles a night club with a Uvula dressed like a jazz singer.


Uvula: Hey! Thank you for coming, it's great to be here!

I ain't your baby, I'm your Uvula
(Thank you)
I ain't your honey, and I'm feeling blue-vula
'Cause you won't even give me how'd you do-vula
I just hang here and sing,
But baby, I sure know how to swing

I ain't your baby, but it's true-vula
That if you'd only look and see
All the ways I can move, you'll attune to my groove
You'll applaud, you'll approve, you'll agree
I may be just a small town Uvula,
But I'm the King of the Mouth...and I gotta be me

Yes, I gotta be me

Good night, everybody! Drive safely, and remember: Uvula backwards is A-luv-u.

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