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The 15 Years of Magic Parade was a parade held at the Magic Kingdom to celebrate Walt Disney World's 15th Anniversary throughout 1986 and 1987. It featured more decorated versions of the basic parade floats the park used.


  • Opening - The parade begins with the title float, featuring the 15 Years logo, which the Cinderella Castle part glows. Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse stand in front, dancing. On the back of the float, random characters sometimes appear. This is followed on with a cylinder float that represents a large wrapped present.
  • Rock 'n' Roll Float - Chip and Dale lead the way on this float, singing along with the music. Pluto, Big Bad Wolf, Tigger, and Br'er Bear all play along with instruments as a backup band. Eight rollerskaters circled the parade float as it moved along. Another present float then follows.
  • Party Float - Donald Duck is the main star of this float, which is decorated with streamers, anniversary logos and is full of gift boxes. Random Disney characters appeared all over this float. Another present float then follows.
  • Finale - This unit begins with a small stage resembling Cinderella Castle, where female dancers dance along to the music. The final float is the first time the infamous Castle Staircase float is used in a parade. The float featured dancers and Guitar players. Goofy was on the top of the float, waving to the crowd.