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Mickey Mouse debuts in Steamboat Willie.

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The following is an overview of Disney-related events that occurred in the year 1928.

Theatrical releases



  • January - Ub Iwerks warns Walt Disney that several of the animators at his studio have signed contracts with Winkler Pictures. George Winkler, one of the Winkler heads, had been talking with the animators during pick-up runs of the Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoons. Walt shows no concern.
  • February - Winkler signs a contract with Universal Pictures guaranteeing three more years worth of Oswald cartoons.[1][2]
    • Walt arrives in New York the 3rd week of February to renegotiate his contract with Charles Mintz, hoping for a better deal. Mintz offers a worse deal and Walt leaves the meeting upset.
  • March 1 - Walt wires Roy "to have an attorney draw up 'ironclad' year-long contracts with two option years" and "to be held in readiness until he gave the word."
  • March 2 - Walt and Lillian have lunch with Mintz and his wife at Hotel Astor. Mintz refuses to talk business at the lunch, but Walt says to Roy, "I could see that he had something up his sleeve." At this time, Walt tells Roy to have his employees sign the contracts, "MAKE THEM SIGN OR KNOW [sic] REASON BEFORE ALLOWING THEM TO LEAVE" before Mintz could get the opportunity to do the same.
  • March 3 - Walt attempts another deal with Mintz.
  • March 4 - Mintz's final offer for Disney is to have Walt and Roy become his employees and be paid $200 per week. This offer is turned down and the Disney Studio's contract with Winkler is set to end after three more Oswald cartoons are finished.
  • March 13 - Walt heads from New York to Los Angeles by train, and comes up with the idea of a new character he would have sole ownership of. Cartoons starring the character would be developed in secret while Disney finished the remaining Oswald cartoons he was contractually obligated to finish.

Character debuts