Donald Duck debuts in The Wise Little Hen.

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  • Music in Your Soup
  • The bed building sequence
  • Snow White teaching the Dwarfs how to say their prayers
  • The Prince being taken to the Dungeon of the Queen's Castle
  • Sleepy traps the fly in Snow White's glass coffin
  • The final chase of the Witch is planned out more or less as it will appear in the final film
  • Title cards will be used to show the passage of time.
  • The Seven Dwarfs are named Wheezy, Jumpy, Baldy, Grumpy, Happy, Doc and Sleepy - other dwarfs are also suggested, including Hickey, Gabby, Nifty, Sniffy, Lazy, Puffy, Stuffy, Shorty, Wheezy, Burpy, Dizzy and Dopey.
  • The seven dwarfs' discovery of Snow White in their cottage
  • The scene in which the raven falls into the skull after seeing the Witch
  • The poisoned comb is included in the story at this point; when it fails the Witch captures the Prince
  • Snow White kissing the dwarfs goodbye
  • The Prince's escape from the Queen's Castle
  • Discussion as to whether the Queen should be fat and comical or beautiful and sinister
  • Running gag with Sleepy and the fly
  • Huntsman's attempt to kill Snow White to be treated as a shadow effect against a large rock
  • Grumpy's reaction to the poisoned comb.
  • The dwarfs singing Snow White a song they haven't sung in years
  • The Queen's capture of the Prince

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