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Star Tours poster

Star Tours opens at Disneyland.

Brave Little Toaster poster

The Brave Little Toaster


Sport Goofy in Soccermania


"The Son of the Sun", Don Rosa's first Uncle Scrooge story, is published.

Big Thunder Mountain at Tokyo Disneyland

Big Thunder Mountain opens at Tokyo Disneyland.

Encyclopedia of Walt Disney's Animated Characters

The original Encyclopedia of Walt Disney's Animated Characters is published.

An overview of all Disney-related events that occurred in the year 1987.

Theatrical releases[]

Feature films[]


Theme parks[]



Home video releases[]

VHS & Laserdisc releases[]

Character debuts[]


  • February 22 - Blue Sky Studios is founded by Chris Wedge, Carl Ludwig, Eugene Troubetzkoy, Alison Brown, David Brown and Michael Ferr.
  • The Neon Mickey logo is surprisingly seen on the October 6, 1987 re-release of Pete's Dragon during the Absolutely Irresistible promotion, and on the February 24, 1987 re-release of The Shaggy Dog.
  • After 1 year, The Littlest Outlaw, Feelin Goofy, Memorable Mickey, Delightfully Donald, Five Mile Creek Volume 15, and Miracle of the White Stallions are the last tapes to use the Walt Disney World: The Magic That Moves The World promo at the end.
  • The video game Roadblasters is released in this year; in the film Wreck-It Ralph, the character of Turbo from rival racing game Turbo Time jumped games in Litwak's Arcade to try and take part, getting both games shut down and turning Turbo into a vengeful glitch who remains missing until he would re-emerge in the world of Sugar Rush years later as "King Candy".




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