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An overview of Disney-related events that occurred in 1997.


Jungle 2 Jungle

George of the Jungle


Pepper Ann

The Lion King musical premieres.

Scrooge McDuck celebrates his 50th anniversary in "A Little Something Special".

Theatrical releases

Feature films


Theme parks and resorts


Series finales



  • Mickey's Walt Disney World Adventure
  • August 1 - The Golden Age of Walt Disney Records 1933-1988 by R. Michael Murray

Video games


Live shows

Home video releases


  • Buena Vista loses the rights to distribute Jim Henson shows, and the Jim Henson Video label is folded. The video distribution rights would move on to Columbia Tristar Home Video under the Jim Henson Home Entertainment label, with the exception of works directly produced by Disney, which are retained by them.
  • Disney officially enters the DVD market.
  • January - The Walt Disney Company and McDonald's Corporation begin a multi-national promotional alliance.
  • January 15 - Production begins on The Emperor's New Groove.
  • February 21 - Club Disney, an interactive children's play center, opens its first unit in Thousand Oaks, California.
  • February 24 - Michael Eisner and Steve Jobs announce that Walt Disney Studios and Pixar have agreed to joint produce five films over the next ten years.
  • April 2 - Disney's restored New Amsterdam Theater is unveiled in New York City.
  • April 17 - Gibson Guitars holds a demonstration of their new products at Pleasure Island.
  • April 18 - EPCOT International Flower and Garden Festival is held runs until June 1.
  • October 25 - EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival is held runs until November 25.
  • November 28 - EPCOT Holidays Around the World is held runs until December 30.
  • December 8 - Walt Disney Television announces their plans to launch Toon Disney.

Character debuts