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House of Mouse

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Lloyd in Space

Recess schools out xlg

Recess: School's Out

Disney California Adventure

Disney California Adventure opens.

Atlantis The Lost Empire poster

Atlantis: The Lost Empire

The Princess Diaries Theatrical Poster

The Princess Diaries

Tokyo DisneySea's MH

Tokyo DisneySea opens.

The proud family-show

The Proud Family

Haunted Mansion Holiday at Disneyland

Haunted Mansion Holiday

1. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) (Platinum Edition 2-Disc DVD)

The DVD debut of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs kicks off the Walt Disney Platinum Edition video series.

Monsters, Inc. poster

Monsters, Inc.

Walt Disney Treasures Wave One

Walt Disney Treasures: Wave One

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  • Buena Vista Games is founded, Disney Interactive and Buena Vista Interactive being subsidiaries in the process.
  • Disney loses the rights to King Louie following a lawsuit with Gia Prima for not paying royalties and impersonation of her husband's voice.
  • October 24 - Disney purchases Fox Family Worldwide from News Corporation and Saban Entertainment. The buyout included the Fox Family Channel, the Fox Kids brand name, rights to the Fox Kids/Fox Children’s Productions library of shows and Fox Kids channels in Europe and Latin America (including their 75.7% majority stake in Fox Kids Europe N.V.), the Saban Entertainment library, Saban International Paris and other subsidiaries. Fox Family Worldwide is renamed ABC Family Worldwide. 17 days later, Fox Family became ABC Family. Saban Entertainment is renamed to BVS Entertainment and Saban International Paris was sold off to become an independent studio.

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