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A Bug's Life is the soundtrack album for the 1998 Disney/Pixar film of the same name. It was released on September 15, 1998 through Walt Disney Records. The first track is a song called "The Time of Your Life" written and performed by Randy Newman, while all the others are orchestral cues. The album has gone off the market but is available for purchase on iTunes. A "For Your Consideration" version was released with complete track listings.

The score won the Grammy Award for Best Instrumental Composition. All songs written and composed by Randy Newman.

Track listing

  1. The Time of Your Life - Performed by Randy Newman
  2. The Flik Machine
  3. Seed to Tree
  4. Red Alert
  5. Hopper and His Gang
  6. Flik Leaves
  7. Circus Bugs
  8. The City
  9. Robin Hood
  10. Return to Colony
  11. Flik's Return
  12. Loser
  13. Dot's Rescue
  14. Atta
  15. Don't Come Back
  16. Grasshoppers' Return
  17. The Bird Flies
  18. Ants Fight Back
  19. Victory
  20. A Bug's Life Suite


  • Music by Randy Newman
  • Album produced by Randy Newman and Frank Wolf
  • Executive Album Producer: Chris Montan
  • Music recorded and mixed by Frank Wolf at Sony Pictures Scoring Stage, Signet Soundelux Studios, and Conway Studios
  • Orchestrations by Jonathan Sacks, Don Davis, Ira Hearshen
  • Supervising Music Editor: Lori Eschler Frystak
  • Associate Music Editor: Bruno Coon
  • Assistant Music Editor: Brenda Heins
  • Music Production Supervisor: Andrew Page
  • Music Production Manager: Tom MacDougall
  • Music Contractor: Sandy De Crescent
  • Vocal Contractor: Luana Jackman
  • Music Preparation: Jo Ann Kane Music Service
  • Recording Assistants: Sue McLean, Greg Dennen, Mark Eshelman, Pat Weber, Rich Weingart, Tulio Torrinello, Sean O'Dwyer
  • Album mastered by Doug Sax at The Mastering Lab
  • Special thanks to Nicole Dooley
  • Album art direction by Luis M. Fernández
  • Album Design by Marcella Wong
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