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Disney's A Christmas Carol is the soundtrack album for the 2009 film of the same name. It was released on CD through Intrada Records on November 3, 2009. All tracks were composed by Alan Silvestri.

Track listing[]

  1. A Christmas Carol Main Title
  2. Scrooge Counts Money
  3. Marley's Ghost Visits Scrooge
  4. The Ghost of Christmas Past
  5. Let Us See Another Christmas
  6. Flight to Fezziwigs
  7. First Waltz
  8. Another Idol Has Replaced Me
  9. Touch My Robe
  10. The Clock Tower
  11. Carriage Chase
  12. Old Joe and Mrs. Dilber
  13. This Dark Chamber
  14. None of Us Will Ever Forget
  15. Who Was That Lying Dead?
  16. I'm Still Here
  17. Ride on My Good Man
  18. God Bless Us Everyone (performed by Andrea Bocelli)

# Title
1m1 Main Title
1m1Alt Main Title
1m1a Marley Found Dead
1m2 2nd Coin
1m4 Main Title Continued
1m5 Scrooge Counts Money
1m6 "Good Afternoon, Gentlemen"
1m7 Cratchit Dances
1m8 Scrooge Arrives Home
1m9 Marley Door Knocker Sting
2m10 Scrooge Climbs Stairs
2m12 Marley Visits Scrooge
2m12Rev Marley Visits Scrooge
2m13 Hear Me
2m14 Ghost of Christmas Past
2m15/16 Young Ebenezer
2m17 Flight to Fezziwigs Pt 1
2m17a Flight to Fezziwig's (continued)
3m18S Fezziwig's Dance
3m19S Sir Roger de Coverly
3m20 First Waltz
3m21 Another Idol Has Replaced Me
3m25 Touch My Robe
3m29 Vacant Seat
3m30 Tiny Tim's Blessing
3m32 Clock Tower Pt. 1
4m32 Clock Tower Pt. 2
4m32a Dissolving Ghost 2
4m33 Scrooge Tumbles Down Stairs
4m34 Carriage Chases Scrooge
4m35 The Chase Continues
4m36 Old Joe and Mrs. Dilber
5m39 "None Of Us Will Ever Forget"
5m40 Who Was That Lying Dead?
6m41B As Long As I Live
6m42 Ride On My Good Man
6m43 Scrooge Visits Nephew
God Bless Us Everyone

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