"A Day at the Aquarium" is the second segment of the thirtieth episode of Amphibia. It aired September 19, 2020.


Anne and the Plantars look to spend what could be their last day together at the Newtopia Aquarium.


Anne, Marcy and Plantars meet with King Andrias who reveals that he has deciphered the clues surrounding the music box. It turns out that it was used by his ancestors to travel to distant worlds and that the three gems on the box must be charged. In order to do that, one must go to three separate temples to have each gem charged up, but the book only gives information on one of them. Hop Pop wants to get back to Wartwood as soon as possible so as not to miss the annual harvest. Anne suggests going back to pick up the music box and and meet back up with Marcy at the first temple. However, Marcy suggests that Anne stay with her in Newtopia as them separating is the last thing they should do. Anne and the Plantars are visibly saddened by this logic and Marcy suggests that they spend the day to themselves before they leave.

Anne and the Plantars agree to have one final outing and Anne becomes intrigued with going to the aquarium, as she would often go back home when she was feeling sad. The group have fun looking at the exhibits until Hop Pop spots an eel that looks like the time the basement flooded, which causes them to become sad. They head into a different area to avoid the nostalgia, but spot a kraken which reminds Polly of when Anne tried to cook one at Stumpy's. They leave and head into the coral exhibit, but all the coral is shaped into various reminders of all their previous adventures, causing them to bawl into depression. A security guard suggests that they head to the stingray show and they all agree as they do not recall an adventure with a stingray.

The show turns out to be fun and Sprig is chosen by the exhibitioner to feed one of the creatures; which just so happens to be a snake, reminding them of they ones encountered the time Sprig and Anne snuck out to swim. The snake becomes frightened when Sprig cries and destroys the landing he is on. The exhibitioner reveals that the snake is harmless, but that the stingrays might harm Sprig, forcing Anne, Hop Pop and Polly to come to his rescue and kick the stingrays out into the wild. Anne and the Plantars are kicked out, but glad that they had a fun day.

The next morning, Anne says goodbye to the Plantars as they head back to Wartwood. Seeing how sad Anne is, Marcy admits that sending a servant to retrieve the music box might not be a good idea and that someone trusted should go. Anne races after the Plantars and they happily reunite. King Andrias ominously approaches Marcy and offers some kind of proposition for her.



King Andrias: According to this book, it's a magical artifact that is thousands of years old. Apparently, my ancestors used it to visit entirely different worlds. They were peaceful explorers, scientists, if you will. These three stones are the key to getting it working again; they need to be recharged.
Anne: Recharged? How?
King Andrias: "The book mentions three different temples, each channeling a different kind of energy and once the stones are recharged..."
"Anne Boonchuy: We'll have a way home?!"
"King Andrias: Steal my thunder, why don't you? But yes! Boom! Eh, eh?
―The King revealing information about the music box

You folks want a giant tissue? Seriously, you would not believe the size of these tissues. [chuckles] I'll get you one.
―Andrias seeing how sad Anne and the Plantars are

Who knew fish sauce and fear of death went so well together ?
―Hop Pop remembering the incident at the incident at Stumpy's Dinner

Hop Pop: Well, that's pretty cool... Wait, what's wrong?
Anne: (Through her tears) It looks exactly like the water snake that almost ate me and Sprig.
Hop Pop: What? When?
Anne: (Still crying) That was the day you tried to lock us in the house.
Hop Pop:I knew it! You two always (Starts to cry midsentence) disobeying and causing trouble.
Polly: (Tears up) That was the day I realized you weren't going to eat us!
―Hop learning about the the water snake adventure

Always sad to see someone go, isn't it? I have a proposition for you, Marcy, and I think you'll find it very interesting.
―King Andrias alone with Marcy


  • The episode immediately takes place after the previous one, "The Sleepover to End All Sleepovers".
  • The Opera House in Newtopia resembles the famous Opera House in Sydney, Australia.
  • Anne reveals that she would go to the aquarium when she was feeling sad. This is ironically fitting as it might explain how she easily accepts being around other aquatic based creatures.
  • The stingrays are named Sugar Ray and Billy Ray, a reference to boxer Sugar Ray Leonard (possibly the band Sugar Ray) and Billy Ray Cyrus, respectively.
  • This episode makes numerous references to events that occurred in season one and one from season two based on the things that reminded them including:
  • Hop Pop learns about Anne and Sprig's adventure from "Best Fronds" for the first time.


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