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"A Doll's Outhouse" is the twenty-first episode of Season One of the sitcom Jessie. It aired on June 22, 2012.


After watching a scary movie about dolls called Betty Die Time, Zuri refuses to sleep in her room again. Jessie tells her to face her fear, revealing her own fear as well: Porta-Potties. Meanwhile, Luke teaches Ravi how to impress a girl from his biology class, not yet realizing that Tanya has a crush on Luke, not Ravi, after she gives him a rib-cracking hug. Ignoring the context, Ravi is angry and upset because he thinks Luke betrayed him by "moving in on his woman" and challenges his brother to an unnecessary duel two hours later. During all of that mayhem, Bertram attempts to enter an opera contest to win a long vacation to Italy. While Luke and Ravi have a pistol fight with nerf guns they turn around and walk 10 paces but Luke hits Ravi in the back on 8 Ravi screams in pain and says we did not hear 10 Luke replies 10 and reloads his nerf gun and hits Ravi in the nose Ravi screams in pain again and says you cheated which Luke then says what are u gonna do about it and Ravi gets a baguette and smacks Luke in the shoulder with it and this time Luke screams in pain so then Luke picks up a large baguette and they smack each other for hours with Ravi getting the nerf bullet he had in his nose smacked out Luke gets Ravi to go up the slide in which he almost falls of eventually after fighting for hours Ravi gets Luke up against a hot dog cart with him saying surrender which Luke replies never but suddenly Tanya screams out “Luke grind him into sausage” so then Luke says good idea as he pushes Ravi and his baguette of him he grabs a bunch of sausages from the cart and says “take that” as he throws them onto the floor we’re Ravi is standing and Ravi starts slipping on the sausages exclaiming as he clatters to the floor just as u think it’s over Luke Also grabs a bottle of ketchup and mustard from the cart and starts walking towards Ravi who’s laying on the ground screaming “no no no no no nooooo!!!!” As Luke squirts the bottles of condiments all over Ravi in which ending the duel as Luke winning and Ravi unfortunately losing even thought he was the one that challenged Luke to the duel and the only one of them that actually took it seriously and worse the proper attire with Tanya screaming “finish him off” And Luke finally explains that Tanya actually hugged him which Ravi replies “Is this true” and Tanya replies “ye he’s a babe” and Luke then says “guilty as charged then Ravi gets up carefully with sauce all over him as he goes on a rage at Tanya saying “I thought u were Like a winsome tree frog but now I see you are a poisonous toad which Luke replies with “that’s an insults to toads and poison and Tanya says to Luke “text me” and Ravi takes Luke to the side and apologises for challenging him to an unnecessary duel and saying he thought he was beguiled by Tanya’s beauty with Luke saying “yeh not really seeing it. Emma solemnly tells Tanya that she would rather end up as an old maid with lots of cats than continue being her friend. In the end, after receiving weird dreams about their greatest fears, Zuri and Jessie successfully conquer them.

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