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"A Fish Called Raven" is the fifth episode of the Disney Channel show That's So Raven and aired on January 24, 2003. It was written by Dava Savel & Carla Banks Waddles and directed by Fred Savage.


Raven's visions get the better of her when a malicious student reporter, Serena, plans to expose her secret to the whole of her school. Now, it is up to Raven to sabotage Eddie's big basketball game and keep her reputation intact.


During school, Raven, Chelsea, and Eddie are full of excitement. Raven and Chelsea will be joining the school's newspaper. Raven is vying for a fashion column position and Chelsea is eager to be a photographer. Eddie approaches, dribbling a basketball. He is very excited about the upcoming game. Raven and Chelsea make their way to the newspaper's headquarters, but are a few minutes late to the meeting. Senorita Rodriguez is announcing who will have which job. She chooses Serena to be lead reporter and senior photographer. Chelsea is chosen to be junior photographer, and Raven is chosen to cover sports due to her late arrival. Raven is upset at this, but Chelsea reassures her that they will still have fun. Serena immediately ruins the mood by saying that journalism isn't fun. She coldly adds that no one gets front page material except her, and tells Raven and Chelsea to back off. Raven then gets a vision: After school, a parachuting clown will crash through a classroom window. Raven quietly tells Chelsea that she just saw front page material.

Later at her house, Raven tries watching a basketball game for an article. But, her comments on the Laker's uniforms annoy her parents and brother. She goes to watch the game in another room. Tanya and Victor then ask Cory why he isn't working on his science project: a model of the solar system. Cory asks for them to help, but they refuse, saying he will never learn the subject if they do the work for him. They tell him to leave and start his project.

The next day after school, Raven, Chelsea, and Eddie make their way to the room Raven saw in her vision. Raven asks Eddie to guard the door, and he exits the room to do so. Just then, Serena passes by. She "interviews" him on why he is still in school after hours. Eddie tricks her into leaving by saying there is something interesting happening on the roof. About a minute later, the clown parachutes through the window. The clown explains he was the entertainment for a birthday party but missed his landing. Chelsea snaps some pictures, and tells the clown that Raven foresaw this event. The clown, annoyed, asks why no one opened the window if they knew he would smash through it.

The next day, the clown story makes the front page of the paper. Serena is mad about this. Srta. Rodriguez presents Raven and Chelsea with press passes to the upcoming Boyz N' Motion concert so they can make an article about it. The girls are overjoyed. But, Serena again ruins the fun by pointing out that the big basketball game is the same night as the concert, and Raven should cover it because she is the sports reporter. Srta. Rodriguez sees Serena's point and takes Raven's press pass. Later, at basketball practice, Raven sulks over her misfortune. She calls basketball "stupid" and she nearly gets hit with the ball. The ball came from a clumsy teammate, Gino. Eddie tosses the ball back to Gino, but is approached by the coach (Gino's dad). The coach tells Eddie that he has been picked as a starter for tomorrow's game. Eddie is even more excited than before, and Raven and Chelsea are happy for him. Raven has another vision: Eddie scores the winning shot at the final buzzer of the game. Raven tells Chelsea what she saw, and says that she will write the article ahead of time and be able to join Chelsea at the concert. The two of them leave the gym, and Raven says that it is good to be a psychic. Unfortunately, Serena was hiding nearby and overheard the whole thing.

Later, Serena approaches Raven in the hall. She tells Raven how much the crowd will cheer when Eddie wins the game. Raven gets nervous and wonders what she is getting at. Serena reveals that she found Raven's article about Eddie winning the game. Raven claims that she wrote the article for practice, but Serena isn't convinced. Serena reveals her own article, "Psychic Freak Walks Among Us." She plans to print the article if the game turns out the way Raven predicted. She smugly walks away, leaving Raven very worried.

That night, Raven is putting the finishing touches on a concert outfit for Chelsea. Chelsea asks Raven why she doesn't just let people know that she has powers. Raven replies that she doesn't want to be branded as a freak for the rest of high school. She adds that she can't just ask Eddie to throw the game because it would be like cheating. So, she decides to stop Serena herself by sabotaging the game.

Meanwhile, Cory has started his model of the solar system, but it does not look good. Victor tries to help, but Tanya tells him that they agreed not to so Cory could learn the subject better. But, later that night, they both wake up and try to fix the project. Tanya admits that she doesn't want Cory to fail, and Victor says that they don't need to do the whole project. They start "sprucing up" the model by throwing the old one into the trash. Cory watches this from nearby, pleased with himself.

The following night, the big basketball game is underway. The game is pretty evenly matched, and Bayside calls for a timeout. Serena sits by Raven in the bleachers, taunting her over the final buzzer. Thinking quickly, Raven gets into the Bayside team's huddle, and tries encouraging the other players to not pass the ball to Eddie. Eddie shoves Raven away. Chelsea then arrives, since the Boyz N' Motion concert was cancelled, and is ready to help Raven. She quickly rushes onto the court and steals the basketball. This earns Raven and Chelsea a swift boot from the gym. Raven is ready to give up, but she and Chelsea see the student wearing the Barry the Barracuda costume pass by them. They both get an idea.

Raven steals the costume, puts it on, then hurries onto the court and gets in Eddie's way. Raven reveals her face to Eddie and he calls for a timeout. Before he can ask what Raven is doing, the coach pulls him aside. The Bayside cheerleaders then start their halftime show with Barry. The cheerleaders make Raven perform the Dunkarama, where the barracuda dunks a basketball through a hoop using a trampoline to gain height. Seeing no other option, Raven takes a running start and jumps off the trampoline, but ends up dunking herself in the process. She falls from the hoop and Eddie walks up to her, asking what is going on. Raven explains her vision, and that if it comes true, Serena will expose her secret. Eddie is conflicted, because Raven is his closest friend, but he always wanted to be the one to score the winning shot. Raven understands this, and accepts that she will have her secret exposed. She tells him to score the winning basket, and Eddie hurries back to the team. The game resumes, and there are only a few seconds left on the clock. Raven cheers for Eddie to score the winning shot, while Serena watches intently. At the last second, Eddie passes the ball to Gino, who scores the winning point as the buzzer sounds. Bayside has won, and Gino is praised by the team and audience.

Raven asks why Eddie didn't score when he had the chance. Eddie states that no one hurts his friends, and that there will be plenty more chances to shoot the game-winning basket. Serena approaches the group, saying that Raven lied about being a psychic just to make her look bad. Raven feigns shock at being "discovered." Serena declares that she will get to the bottom of their scheme eventually. After she leaves, Raven says that she and her friends must go too, as the original mascot-wearer might be angry that Raven took the costume.

Later, at the Baxter house, Cory returns from school, saying that he got an A on his project. He reveals that the project was actually a report on proving a theory. His theory is that parents will always protect their offspring. Victor feels used, but Tanya is proud that Cory did a project on his own. Then, the doorbell rings. Tanya goes to answer it, but Raven warns to check if it is a fish. Tanya opens the door and Barry the Barracuda is in the doorway, wanting revenge on Raven.




  • This is the first episode that Boyz N Motion were mentioned.
  • The title of the episode is a reference to the film, "A Fish Called Wanda."
  • Serena is not featured in any episodes after this.

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