"A Pete Scorned" is the eightieth episode of Mickey Mouse and the second episode in the fifth season. It premiered on October 20, 2018.



Mickey attempts to help Peg-Leg Pete after a new bully shows up and steals his mojo.


Mickey whistles around the village while "Hiya, pal." Mortimer, who is Mickey's rival, said, do a handshake to him, and the "classic old joy buzzer" buzzing him but "Ow!" he screamed and Mortimer laughed. He brought a present to Mickey, who opens it to reveal a punching glove, hits him, Mortimer takes off Mickey's pants, burbles his mouth, and twangs his nose. Pete then hums while carrying foods in two brown bags but he saw Mickey and Mortimer and hid behind the tree. He flicks Mickey's nose and does a handshake again, buzzed. Before Mortimer left, he throws a time-delay stink bomb beside Mickey's body. Pete saw Mickey, who said: "Huh? Oh, hi, Pete.", while "Don't "Oh, hi, Pete" me." Pete said. "What's the idea lettin' that guy pick on you?" he asked his job, don't try to deny it, he "seen a whole thing". He got it all wrong, Mickey wasn't... "So, do you hate him more than me?" Pete asked while "What? No." Mickey answered that Pete is the worst, Mickey disliked Pete the moment Mickey first laid eyes on Pete. A stink bomb beeping then implodes, stinky smoke emerges while Mickey coughs that Mortimer's the worst. "I knew it! You do hate him more than me!" he said sadly then cries as he left. Mickey doesn't mean it, he coughs again.

A few days later, he standing beside the road, "Hmm, that's weird." he said, "Pete's never late for my Tuesday 3:00 knuckle sandwich." Come to think of it, he hasn't seen that guy in days, but he hopes Pete's ok. As Mickey goes to Pete's house, Mickey knocks a door, "Pete?" he said as a door opens and the light turns on to reveal Pete almost dying. Mickey pulls Pete's body and lands on his tummy, "Don't go into the light!" Mickey shouted while Pete opens his eyes and pushes Mickey by hitting objects off-screen. "You're alive!" Mickey said happily but Pete looks awful while his peg is even missing, he doesn't know, it's around here somewhere. "Just beat it, would ya?" he said as he sleeps. It breaks Mickey's heart seeing Mortimer like this, "I gotta do something." Mickey said, had an idea.

Later, he stands beside a bunch of pies on the sidewalk, Pete looks Mickey, who nods his head and said: "I sure am glad no one is around to hit me in the face with these pies.", Pete is hungry. Mortimer comes, "Well, well, well, what have we here?" he said while holding a pie, Mickey wants to get Mortimer out of here, a pie hits Mickey's face, Mortimer laughed as Pete left again. Mickey snarling, now look what Mortimer did, "These pies aren't for you. They're for Pete!" Mickey shouted that Pete's a "real zero". His 10 times the bully Mortimer will ever be. He holds pies to hit Mickey six times while Mortimer saw Pete, "Hiya, Pete." Mortimer said but Pete punches Mortimer out, screaming. Pete wipes Mickey's body, "I heard them nice things you said." Pete said happily, "And I meant every word of it." Mickey said. He and Pete became friends as they hug while giggling and "Ow! Ow! Ow!" Mickey exclaimed.


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  • Pete confronts Mickey at Avenue St. every Tuesday at 3:00pm for a "knuckle sandwich."
  • Jeff Bennett reprises his role as Mortimer for the first time since Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas.
    • This is also one of the rare times where Maurice LaMarche doesn't voice Mortimer outside of video game apperances.
  • As a joking nod to his peg-leg, some of the belongings in Pete's shack are missing a leg.
  • The joy buzzer on Mortimer's hand could be a reference to the 1999 series SpongeBob SquarePants when Frank shakes Patrick's hand with the same tool.


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