"A Place You've Never Been" is a song that has so far only appeared in the Read-Along version of Disney/Pixar's 1998 film, A Bug's Life. It was written by John Kavanaugh, Erica Rothschild, and David Foster and performed by The Manhattan Transfer.


Did you ever wonder what it feels like
To lay in the shade of a blade of grass?
Just imagine yourself rolling over
And looking up at a four leaf clover

If you want to know what it feels like
Come on in
To a world you've never seen before
A place you've never been

Think of how you would feel
If you lived every day just hanging by a thread
Can you picture yourself snug as a bug
Fast asleep in a flower bed?

If you want to get a new perspective
Come on in
To a world you've never seen before
A place you've never been

Oh, take a look around
Whatever you do, look down
I've got some jumping jiggly friends
For you to meet
So, look out below,
And come and find it as the status quo
And there's a whole wide wiggly world
Right at your feet

This is so exciting, can you feel it?
Something special's in the air
It's incredible, and you'll see
It's a world down below with heights so high

If you're looking for a new adventure
Come on in
To a world you've never seen before...
A world of wings and wonders galore...
It's a place...you've never been!

You've never been! 

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