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A Real Stretch: An Elastigirl Prequel Story is the official prequel storybook of the Pixar animated film The Incredibles and Incredibles 2. Set before the events of the first film, this original prequel story is focused on Elastigirl's crime-stopping adventures during the golden age of Supers.


Elastigirl is first seen chasing the notorious villain Mysterious Melvin through Municiberg and successfully apprehended him. She then meets Mr. Incredible for the first time. Then she is requested by Rick Dicker to discuss with him at the National Supers Agency in Municiberg. He attempts to to place Elastigirl in one of the superhero teams which included Gazerbeam's Thrilling Three. Elastigirl rejects, preferring to work independently. She then returns to her apartment home as Helen Highwater and decides to go for grocery shopping. There, she meets a big, strong and friendly man named Bob Parr (while being unaware that he is Mr. Incredible) who informs her of the upcoming Supers Appreciation Day. After she is done with her errands, she then spots panic in the streets of Municiberg. Still in her Helen Highwater outfit, she finds out that the danger is a tiger is on the loose. After changing clothes she spurts towards the tiger only to find Mr. Incredible in a stand-off with the animal. Her strong fellow super is sure of his case, but in the end, Elastigirl manages to avert the situation which ended up gaining her support from zookeepers.

The next day, Elastigirl has some thinking to do about her meeting with Dicker, the upcoming Super Appreciation Day and the Zero Atomic Protocol (which potentially enhances the abilities of the Supers as well as removing their limitations) recently launched by the National Super Agency. Her alone time in the bathtub is interrupted by her fellow super Apogee who invites her to the movies with Blazestone. Later, Elastigirl joins the movies with her fellow supers Apogee and Blazestone. The three girls exchange funny stories about their adventures on the NSA training program. Hardly seated for the start of the movie, Elastigirl's crime signal button started dinging. With Blazestone and Apogee taken out by the weather. She is on her own to fight the crime or so she thought. She is joined by Mr. Incredible who helped to stop a runaway horse carriage stolen by a random criminal.

To be continued...

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