This article is about the live-action adventure featurette. For other medias, see A Tale of Two.

A Tale of Two Critters

A Tale of Two Critters is a 1977 Walt Disney Production similar to the classic animal featurettes of Disney's earlier days, as well as the nostalgic Sunday night Wonderful World of Disney episodes. It was released theatrically in a double feature with the animated film, The Rescuers.

The iTunes release omits the Buena Vista logo, but the logo's music is heard over a black background before the opening credits. Appearing at the end is the Buena Vista International logo. The Animal Adventure Series VHS has the Buena Vista logo intact.

Narrated by Mayf Nutter, A Tale of Two Critters follows the thrilling adventures of an unlikely pairing between a bear cub and a raccoon as they become forced together due to a flash flood along a river in the scenic and wild Pacific Northwest. Their relationship begins haltingly, but circumstances compel them to learn to trust each other in their quest to not only survive, but to return safely to their homes. Jack Speirs wrote and produced, just one of numerous contributions he made during his 25-plus years of association with Disney. The unique folksy intros to countless Disney Productions were the work of Jack Speirs.


  • Narrator: Mayf Nutter

Production Credits

  • Director: Jack Speirs
  • Writer: Jack Speirs
  • Release Date: June 22, 1977
  • Runtime: 48 min