"A Very Nice Prince" is a song from the 2014 musical film, Into the Woods sung by Cinderella (Anna Kendrick) and the Baker's Wife (Emily Blunt). In the song, Cinderella tells the Baker's Wife about her experience at the ball and her conflicting emotions.


Cinderella: He's a very nice Prince

Baker's Wife: And?

Cinderella: And... it's a very nice ball.

The Baker's Wife: And?

Cinderella: And... when I entered, they trumpeted.

The Baker's Wife: And..? The Prince?

Cinderella: Oh, the Prince.

The Baker's Wife: Yes, the Prince.

Cinderella: Well, he's tall.

The Baker's Wife: Is that all? Did you dance?
Is he charming? They say that he's charming.

Cinderella: We did nothing but dance.

The Baker's Wife: Yes... and?

Cinderella: And it made a nice change.

The Baker's Wife: No, the Prince.

Cinderella: Oh, the Prince...

The Baker's Wife: Yes, the Prince.

Cinderella: He has charm for a Prince I guess.

The Baker's Wife: Guess...?

Cinderella: I don't meet a wide range. And it's all very strange.

The Baker's Wife: Why would you run away?

Cinderella: It's not quite what I expected.

The Baker's Wife: What? Princes? And Castles? And gowns?

Cinderella: I have no experience with those things.

The Baker's Wife: But you will return to the festival tomorrow eve?

Cinderella: Yes... no... I don't know.

The Baker's Wife: You don't know? What I wouldn't give to be in your shoes...
well, slippers... as pure as gold!

Cinderella: I must get home.

The Baker's Wife: No, wait. I need your shoes... Milky White!

The Witch: One midnight gone!

The Baker's Wife: Already?

The Witch: Get the cow!

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