"A Whole Bunch of World" is a song from the 2004 movie, Teacher's Pet: The Movie. It was sung by Spot Helperman (Masquerading as Scot Leadready II), Leonard Helperman, and Mary-Lou Helperman on their way to Florida.

It was performed by Debra Jo Rupp (as Mary-Lou Helperman), Nathan Lane (as Spot Helperman/Scot Leadready II), and Shaun Fleming (as Leonard Helperman).


Mary-Lou Helperman: There's a whole bunch of world in our backyard,
All: An awful lot of world to see,
Alabamm, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas,
And now the states that start with C and D!
Scott: Whee!
All: California, Colorado, and Connecticut,
Dear Delaware, the very first state, oh,
Florida and Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho,
Where they grow a lot of trout and potato!
Right smack in the middle, little Illinois
Indiana, and Iowa, too
There's Kansas and Kentucky,
And way down south,
Louisiana, it's shaped like a shoe!
Scott: And still a lot of states to do! Whoo!

All: States that start with M, now let's name them:
Maine, Maryland, and Massachu-
-Sets, Mich, Minnesota, Mississip, show me Mo,
Montana, now we're more than halfway through
Nebraska and Nevada and the News:
Hampshire, Jersey, Mexico and York
Now the Norths: Carolina and Dakota,
Where Sacajawea guided Lewis and Clark
Ohio, Oklahoma, and Oregon
Pennsylvania where they wrote the Constitution,
Little Rhode Island and South Carolina
Where rebels tried to start a revolution
South Dakota, Tennessee, and next to Mexico,
Texas, where they have a lot of cows,
Utah, Vermont, and Ol' Virginny,
Where George Washington took his first bow, wow!
We're all the way to W now!
Washington, West Virginia, and Wisconsin,
I don't know how much higher I can sing!
(Deep breath) But that's okay, `cause we went all the way
From Alabama to Wyoming,
From Alabama to Wyoming!
Scott: Hey!

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