Abigail Bullion is the protagonist of the Disney Kingdoms title Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. The daughter of Barnabas T. Bullion, she seeks adventure instead of being trapped in the role of the "proper young lady" she's expected to be.


Abigail Bullion came to Rainbow Ridge after her mother passed away. Though her father wanted her to act proper, she sought adventure in the town. She sneaked into the mines in Big Thunder Mountain, disguised as a man, and was rescued from a cave-in by a man hiding his face. When she discovered that he's apart of a group of bandits, she ran after them. She tried to stop the train of stolen gold, but was knocked out.

When she tried to return the gold on a wagon, she was sent down to the mines, which were flooding due to a huge rainstorm. After discovering that miners were still working in the floods and learning of her father's apparent greed, she joined the bandit gang, alongside Chandler, Onawa, and Dolfo, to put a stop to it.

She was arrested by the mine's foreman, Willikers, but escaped when she ran into the mines to save her father. Alongside the rest of the bandits and the miners, they ride the mine train out of the crumbling mines and away from the wrath of the spirit of Big Thunder. She reconciled with her father and kissed Chandler, beginning a romantic relationship with him.


  • Parts of the comic contradict the storyline of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in the Disney Parks, such as Jason Chandler being a miner and bandit instead of an inventor. Therefore, it's unknown whether or not Abigail is apart of the park storyline, as well.
  • Abigail shares many similarities to Melanie Ravenswood at Phantom Manor. She could have been an influence on her characterization, given that Melanie's father was an influence on Barnabas.
    • Both of their fathers are owners of the mines in Big Thunder Mountain.
    • Barnabas is protective of Abigail and doesn't want her running out with someone else, just as Henry was of Melanie.


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