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The next time he makes a stop, instead of saying 'ka-chow', he's gonna go 'ka-boom'!

Acer is one of the major antagonists of the 2011 DisneyPixar animated film, Cars 2.


Official Description

Acer has always felt like an outcast in the car world. The beat-up green AMC Pacer joined forces with his fellow “lemon” cars as henchmen for the devious Professor Z, whose clandestine mission is to wreak havoc at the highly visible World Grand Prix. Acer must hunt down the American and British secret agents who have stolen crucial information about Professor Z’s underhanded plot. His primary target just happens to be Mater, who has been mistaken for a spy. Acer tries very hard to be a tough guy, but he is over eager compared to his no-nonsense partner Grem.

Physical Appearance

Acer is a 1975 AMC Pacer, as his hood states and his name originates from. His top speed is 99 mph, with a 0-60 of 16 seconds. His engine type is a 232 c.i straight 6 with two-barrel carburetor, with a horsepower of 120.

Acer is painted light green, with some rust along his undercarriage. His license plate reads FSHBWL, a reference to "fish bowl," the nickname that was given to AMC Pacers. Among other inscriptions, Acer's tires read "Road Hug - Rack And Minion."


Acer is an evil-minded car that is driven by anger and low self-confidence, a result of his make and model. He is willing to go to extreme measures to accomplish his desires, including attempting to harm and even kill others. Acer's goal, like the other Lemons, is to steer the world away from the direction of alternative fuel and favor conventional fuel, of which the Lemons would become rich and powerful. Acer is very determined to achieve the Lemons' goals where he would go through such lengths to accomplish those goals such as murder.

Acer is shown to have low intelligence and can see light-hearted things, something that set him apart from his partner, Grem. Despite this, Acer is smart enough where he managed to lure Finn McMissile into a trap and trick Mater into going to saving Lightning McQueen by lying to him about a bomb being planted in McQueen's pits when the bomb was really planted onto to the tow truck. Acer is also shown to be very sadistic where he takes part in torturing Rod Redline, killing Agent Leland Turbo when he had discovered the Lemons' secret oil rigs, and gleefully having Mater watch him and Grem kill Lightning McQueen. Acer even takes delight in taunting his enemies where he made fun of McMissile after capturing him and mocked Mater over McQueen's demise and not being able to save his best friend.

Weapons and Gadgets

  • Deployable machine guns: Acer used a machine gun in the airport very briefly, but it turns out Acer has two machine guns, one in the right, and another in the left. In the film, he uses the right machine gun in the airport escape, and the unexpected left one in London's streets to get Mater.


Cars 2

Acer and Grem at the Lemons' oil rigs.

Acer is first seen on the Lemons' oil rigs where he orders some cars to unload some cargo that was delivered by the combat ships. Then, he and Grem present the compacted remains to the Lemons' second-in-command, Professor Zündapp before they discover British agent Finn McMissile to have been spying on them. When Acer and Grem see McMissile attempting to flee after the latter jumped into the ocean, they pursue Finn in the combat ships where Acer attempted to destroy him by using Tony Trihull's guns until Trihull launches a torpedo, seemingly hitting the British agent. However, unknown to them, McMissile manages to escape and fakes his death by releasing spare tires from his trunk, which rise to the top of the sea, implying his demise.

Acer and Grem confronting American agent Rod Redline during the grand opening party of the World Grand Prix in Japan.

At the World Grand Prix welcome party in Tokyo, Japan, Acer interacts with Grem, Professor Zündapp, and a Gremlin as they hear Miles Axlerod introduce the competitors of the World Grand Prix to the press. However, the Gremlin car turns out to be American agent Rod Redline who later arrives in a bathroom to meet with Finn, in order give him secret information on the Lemons' leader. Unfortunately, Acer and Grem had discovered Redline's infiltration where they confront the American agent in the bathroom and proceed to attack him. Their brawl is interrupted when a tow truck named Mater emerges from one of the stalls, giving Redline an opportunity to attach a device containing information on the Lemons' mastermind and his tracking beacon to Mater's undercarriage. When Mater takes notice of the injured Redline, Acer and Grem order the tow truck to leave so they can finish in dealing with Redline, not knowing Redline passed the information to Mater who is unaware of the situation. After Mater leaves, Acer and Grem capture Redline and take him to the Lemons' hideout in the boating docks of Tokyo.

As Acer and Grem prepare to torture Redline, Professor Zündapp arrives and has Grem activate a television camera where he reveals it is actually a device that fuels an electromagnetic pulse, which, when combined with the alternative fuel Allinol, creates an explosive reaction. With the camera turned on and aiming at Redline, Acer interrogates the American spy, demanding to reveal who he transferred the information on the Lemons' leader to by showing him footage of the cars Redline interacted with during the party. When Mater's picture is shown, Redline reacts nervously, revealing who received the information from him. After Zündapp informs his boss about Redline's actions, Acer receives orders from Zündapp to find and kill Mater before the professor sets the electromagnetic pulse device on full charge, which causes Redline's engine to explode, killing him.

Acer trying to confront Mater during the first race, only to face Finn McMissile.

During the first race of the World Grand Prix in Tokyo, Acer and Grem operate the camera, and use it to damage the engines of some of the competitors, who are using the Allinol fuel. When Mater is identified at the race, Acer and many other Lemons attempt to confront and murder him, but when arriving at the pits, Acer is confronted by McMissile who reveals himself, shocking Acer before the British agent uses a fire extinguisher to blind Acer and a Lemon. As British desk agent, Holley Shiftwell guides Mater to safety, Acer engages Finn in a fight and when several Lemons subdue him, Acer attempts to kill Finn with a blow torch, but the British agent successfully gets away jumps out of the way where a Lemon crashes into Acer, causing an explosion that sends Acer to land in a sushi restaurant sign.

The next day, after the race, Acer and Grem follow Mater to the airport, but Finn intercepts and he and Mater speed down the runaway of the airport, with Acer and Grem taking pursuit. Acer tries to block Mater and Finn's path by using luggage carts, only to be prevented by the arrival of Finn's plane, Siddeley. Before Mater and Finn can board onto Siddeley, Acer fires his machine gun to stop them from escaping, but when Finn fires his own machine gun, a bullet is hit into one of Acer's tires, causing him to drive uncontrollably and land into a tank full of oil which allows Mater and Finn to board Siddeley and escape.

Acer and Grem using the EMP emitter during the second race of the World Grand Prix.

At the second race in Porto Corsa, Italy, Acer and Grem once again operate the camera where they cause several racecars' engines to explode. When McMissile and Shiftwell spot them using the camera during the race, Finn proceeds to stop them from injuring the racecars and causing any serious damages. However, Acer and Grem had predicted that Finn would attempt to interfere with their plans where they had a helicopter carrying a magnet capture Finn before he could confront the two Lemons. Once Finn has been captured, Acer taunts him before he and Grem continue operating the camera where they cause a major crash during the race when having the electromagnetic pulse emitter explode one of the racecars' engine. By the end of the race, Miles Axlerod bans the usage of Allinol in the last race where Holley and Mater end up being captured by the Lemons.

Before the the third and final race in London, England, Acer and Grem arrive inside Big Bentley and greet the captured Mater as they prepare to use the camera to murder one of the World Grand Prix's competitors, Lightning McQueen who had decided to use Allinol in the last race just to prove the safety of alternative fuel. Knowing Mater cares about McQueen due to trying to warn him of the Lemons' plans to assassinate him before getting captured, Acer and Grem sadistically force Mater watch them kill his best friend as Acer cruelly tells the tow truck McQueen won't be alive for much longer. When the race starts, Acer and Grem attempts to use the camera on McQueen, but McQueen escapes unharmed (due to his friend Sarge secretly switching McQueen's Allinol with Fillmore's organic fuel). Unsure of why there was no explosion, Acer accuses Grem of damaging the camera as the latter receives a transmission from Professor Zündapp who informs them they must go to their backup plan. When Mater hears the mention of a backup plan, Acer and Grem inform him that the back-up plan is to have a bomb inside McQueen's pit explode just when he will make a pit stop. Acer and Grem proceed to taunt Mater with McQueen's upcoming demise which angers the tow truck where he attempts to use his guns on the two Lemons to no avail. After Acer and Grem leave, Mater is able to get free and rush to the pits to warn his friends, but once Finn and Holley escape, they discover Mater's discarded air filter and realize the bomb is actually on Mater as the Lemons knew Mater would do anything to save McQueen. The agents manage radio Mater and warn him of where the bomb actually is when Mater arrives at the racetrack just as McQueen approaches the pits while Professor Z prepares to detonate the bomb. However, Mater tries to save his best friend by driving away, but McQueen follows him onto to the racetrack. When McQueen grabs onto Mater, the tow truck accidentally activates his rockets, making him go at a high speed and sending both him and McQueen off the track as Professor Z fails to detonate the bomb to kill them.

The unplanned actions causes Acer and Grem to pursue Mater and McQueen throughout the streets of London. Before Acer and Grem can murder Mater and McQueen with their guns, Holley intervenes, and uses her spy wing to force the pair of Lemons off course, and they crash through the doors of a pub called "Ye Left Turn Inn" where they are beaten up by the pub's customers for causing all their drinks to spill. It is unknown what happened to them afterward.

Cars 2: The Video Game

In Cars 2: The Video Game, Acer appears as an unlockable playable character, available once the "Road Trip" crest is earned. Another version of him, Gunner Acer, can be unlocked by earning the "Road Rage" badge. Both versions are light weights, and focus more on speed than power.


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  • Acer is modeled as a 1975 AMC Pacer car.
  • His license plate is FSHBWL, a reference to "fish bowl," the nickname that was given to AMC Pacers.
  • Among other inscriptions, Acer's tires read "Road Hug - Rack And Minion".
  • His VIN number is A58667A372159.
  • There was a costume of him on The World of Cars Online, which you could get from Ramone's House of Body Art before the game closed down.
  • He is wanted in the United States, China, England, Japan, Spain and the Czech Republic.
  • He is wanted for Grand Theft, Larceny, Blocking Traffic and Smog Certification.
  • In the Cars 2 magazine with the 56 page Cars 2 Movie Comic, when Holley stops him and Grem from getting Lightning and Mater, they landed in a garbage truck instead of ending up in "Ye Left Turn Inn."
  • Along with Grem, Professor Z, Miles Axlerod and Victor Hugo, Acer is playable in Cars 2: The Video Game (along with Gunner Acer), even though they are villains. However, it could be that they are part of the simulation.
  • Acer's LEGO minifigure for some reason shows him with green eyes instead of brown like in his other appearances.
  • Acer's name originates from the word "Pacer," but without the "P."
  • His fate was never revealed, but it was likely that he got arrested for his crime.

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