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Acorn In My Side is the third segment of the second episode from Disney and Xilam's Chip 'n' Dale: Park Life series.


A sinister acorn hypnotizes Chip.


Chip and Dale come across a menagerie of acorns and go on a collecting spree. As they finish up, Chip notices a lone acorn sitting by itself on a small twisted branch. Chip attempts to go out and get it, but Dale, seeing the weakness of the branch, brings him back in. Chip and Dale dine on acorns, but Chip is still drawn to the last one. Dale tries to distract him to no avail. Eventually, the acorn begins to exhibit a hypnotizing effect that manifests as a green gaseous energy that beckons to him. Dale tries to stop him by plugging up the holes in their home.

Chip unplugs their home and attempts to go after the acorn, but Dale snaps some sense into him and they flee out of the park and to the crosswalk. They manage to make it across as the specter acorn is hit by a car. However, it returns and tries to make a grab for Chip, only for Dale to get in the way and get possessed by the specter acorn. Chip chases after him and finally grabs the acorn and tosses it towards the ground, causing the specter to fall with him.

Chip and Dale celebrate, only for the branch to break and they fall. The acorn hits the ground, but the branch crushes it along with the specter. Chip and Dale come out victorious and devour the nut. While the specter briefly comes out of Chip's mouth, he swallows him back up as he and Dale laugh. They turn and it is revealed that their eyes show that they are still possessed somehow.


  • Matthew Géczy as Chip
  • Kaycie Chase as Dale


  • The title is a play on the phrase "a thorn in my side".



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