Addison (portrayed by Rachel Kathryn Bell) is a character that appears on The Suite Life on Deck. Addison goes to Seven Seas High and is very hyper, especially when she's on a sugar rush. She is addicted to candy and she and Woody have crushes on each other. She was Woody's wife for the marriage project that Miss Tutweiller assigned. She is most easily recognized by her very long hair and is first seen in International Dateline. She is last seen in Graduation on Deck. Woody and Addison go to prom together and share their first kiss.


Addison is known to be very hyper and wordy. When she talks, she does it in extreme Run-on sentences, and writes exactly how she speaks. She can get extremely happy when she is pleased, but if she is let down, she really shows it, and can get very angry, as shown in Prom Night when see thinks she hears Woody kissing another girl.


  • International Dateline
  • Kitchen Casanova
  • Goin' Bananas
  • Marriage 101
  • The Play's the Thing
  • Prom Night
  • Graduation on Deck



Romantic interests

  • Woody Fink - Addison and Woody have huge crushes on each other. They went together to the dance in the episode "International Dateline". In "Kitchen Casanova", they were both again shown to like each other while in Cody's cooking class. In "Marriage 101", they "marry" each other for school. Addison is shown to want to have a lot of children while Woody wants none. In her next two appearances, her relationship with Woody is not known.


  • She is addicted to sugar.
  • On the Suite Life Graduation vote on, the poll for "cutest couple" names her 'Maddison' instead of 'Addison'.
  • She has a fear of ping-pong balls.
  • She is the first girl Woody ever kissed although it is unknown if he was the first guy she ever kissed.
  • Addison is originally from Paris, France.

Where Is She Now?

Addison is currently in Los Angeles, United States caring for 3 children, after 2 have passed away known as Malaria-Victim Carol Addison Fink and SIDS victim Bella Carol Michelle Fink, both named after her family. These children have Woody's surname proving Woody is helping Addison care for them. The children are Carol, age 3 (deceased), Justine age 1, Bella age 3 months and 18 days (desceased), Elliot age 2 weeks, and Adalia age 2 weeks.

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