Adelbert is a kid who plays an antagonistic role in the 1932 animated short Mickey's Good Deed.

Role in the short

Adelbert is first seen crying, throwing a temper tantrum and refusing all the expensive toys that his father and the butler have been trying to give him. Then, upon hearing Pluto's howling, Adelbert walks over to the window and peers outside. Upon seeing Pluto, Adelbert tells his father that he wants the dog and throws another tantrum. His father demands that the butler buy Pluto from Mickey.

After the butler buys Pluto from Mickey, Adelbert becomes delighted. He then signals for Pluto to approach him, whacks him on the head and then whacks him in the direction of a toy train track. When Pluto lands, Adelbert activates the train and laughs as the train hits Pluto from behind. His father and the butler shake hands in satisfaction.

Some time later, Adelbert is throwing expensive items, toys and food at Pluto as his father tries to get him to stop. He ends up hitting his father a few times and causes Pluto to trip the Butler. The mansion soon becomes a ransacked mess. Adelbert then launches Pluto from the Christmas tree, ruining it and causing further injury to his father.

Unable to take it anymore, his father tells the butler to throw Pluto out. As Adelbert immediately throws another tantrum demanding Pluto, his father drags him onto his knee, pulls his pants down and spanks him. Pluto watches briefly and laughs as this happens, then leaves to search for Mickey.


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