Adelbert's Father is the rich father of Adelbert in the 1932 animated short Mickey's Good Deed.

Role in the short

On Christmas night, Adelbert's father, along with his butler are dealing with Adelbert throwing a huge temper tantrum, rejecting the many toys and gifts they try to offer him. Struggling to stay patient with his child, he sees Adelbert take interest in Pluto, who is singing Christmas carols with Mickey outside their window. When Adelbert starts demanding that he keep Pluto, his father orders the butler to buy him from Mickey. Mickey refuses, only for him to change his mind later that night when he sees that he can use the money to help a nearby poor family. The father and the butler are delighted when Adelbert starts having fun with Pluto.

Some time later, Adelbert's father starts yelling at his son as the former wrecks the mansion in an attempt to hit Pluto. His father gets injured and Pluto trips the butler as he continues to throw things. As Adelbert destroys the house and continues to frighten Pluto, he throws a cake which ends up hitting his father's face, and then destroys the Christmas tree which causes his father to be stabbed by the tree's centerpiece.

Adelbert's father finally loses it. He orders the butler to throw Pluto out, and as Adelbert starts crying and screaming, he takes Adelbert over the knee, pulls down his pants and starts spanking him. Pluto watches briefly and laughs as this happens, then leaves to search for Mickey.

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