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Adelle is a side character who appears in Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two. She is a female goat who resides in Wasteland and lives in Mean Street North, where she owns her camera shop. In the game, Mickey and Oswald can use a camera provided by her to take pictures all around Wasteland — for quests or personal usage.


Adelle is a shop owner residing in Mean Street North who loves to collect and share photographs with other Toons. After the heroes saved Wasteland from the Blot in Epic Mickey, Adelle grew fond of Mickey and Oswald and treats them as such.


Adelle is a caring, optimistic, smart-mouthed, and calm shop owner. She has been shown to give respect to those who have contributed significantly to Wasteland and/or Mean Street North in some form.


Epic Mickey 2

She is first mentioned to Mickey by Seth in Mean Street South, who encourages the heroes to take pictures of hidden Mickey and Oswald's around Wasteland after getting a camera from Adelle. Once arriving in Mean Street North and entering the Camera Shop, Adelle will greet Mickey and Oswald with open arms and thank them for their contributions against the Mad Doctor and Blot — giving them a free camera in the process, which can be used to complete quests around Wasteland. At the end of the game, Adelle celebrates Mickey and Oswald’s victory.


  • Adelle is voiced by Eliza Jane Schneider, who voices several other townsfolk, including Pin Trader Becca.
  • Adelle is a goat, commonly confused for a cow sometimes.
  • The player receiving the camera from Adelle will trigger numerous quests within Epic Mickey 2.
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