The Admiral Benbow Inn is an inn and a pub featured in the film Muppet Treasure Island.


Though owned by the parents of Jim Hawkins in the original Treasure Island, the Admiral Benbow is operated in the film by Mrs. Bluveridge. Her staff consists of Jim Hawkins, Rizzo the Rat, and Gonzo.

MTI Inside

The only notable resident boarder is Billy Bones, who recites his seafaring tales to other patrons over dinner. The Admiral Benbow's fare includes suckling potatoes (no offense). Following the death of Billy Bones, the inn is besieged by pirates in search of the map and gets caught by fire. Jim, Gonzo, and Rizzo soon depart, leaving the defense of the inn in Mrs. Bluveridge's capable hands.

The original Admiral Benbow Inn, which Robert Louis Stevenson based the story on, can be found on Chapel Street, in Penzance, Cornwall, England.

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