Adolphus is a character in the 2020 Disney/Pixar animated feature film, Onward. He is a gremlin employee who works at the Manticore's Tavern.


Adolphus' dialogues mostly consist of grunting and barking. He gets grouchy every time he has unpunctual arrivals in working at the tavern.

Role in the film

Adolphus is first seen leaving the kitchen, being told that he is marked late. He angrily barks at Corey to which she suggests him to plan to be punctual into arriving to work at the tavern on time. Later, when the tavern catches on fire, he and the other employees are forced to evacuate, due to Corey's plan on returning to adventure. He is later seen amongst the survivors of the burnt tavern during the scene where the police interviews Corey about the tavern's incident. It is unknown whether or not he is rehired after the Manticore's Tavern reopened.


  • Like other tavern employees, the hat Adolphus wears is identical to the Sorcerer Hat from Fantasia.

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