Adventures by Disney (ABD) provides planned and guided family vacations to various domestic and international destinations. It is jointly managed between Disney Parks, Experiences and Products, and the Walt Disney Travel Company. Both of these are units of The Walt Disney Company.


On an Adventures by Disney vacation, guests are taken on themed expeditions that often feature activities designed just for kids (or 'Junior Adventurers').

Two Disney-trained Adventure Guides (Cast Members) look after a group of no more than 40 guests on an Adventure, and are described as being 'part concierge, guide and storyteller'. Local guides also join the vacations at various points and give guests firsthand knowledge from someone native to the area.


Adventures by Disney's first operating season was in summer of 2005 and featured just 2 destinations (Wyoming and Hawaii - both in the USA). These were both invitation-only trips which gave the Company an idea of whether the business would work. This grew to 7 destinations in 2006, 12 destinations in 2007, 17 destinations in 2008, 22 destinations in the 2009 season. The new trips for the 2012 season will be added in August 2011.


Asia, Africa & Australia

  • Australia, 11 Nights
  • China, 11 Nights
  • Egypt, 9 Nights
  • South Africa, 9 Nights

Central & South America

  • Eastern Costa Rica, 6 Nights
  • Ecuador and Galapagos Islands, 8 Nights
  • Galapagos Islands Cruise, 8 Nights
  • Peru, 8 Nights
  • Western Costa Rica, 6 Nights


  • Amalfi Coast and Tuscany, 7 Nights
  • England and France, 7 Nights
  • France, 7 Nights
  • Germany, 8 Nights
  • Greece, 9 Nights
  • Ireland, 7 Nights
  • Italy and Switzerland, 7 Nights
  • Italy, 8 Nights
  • Italy Signature, 8 Nights

North America

  • Alaska, 7 Nights
  • Alaskan Wonders with Disney Cruise Line®, 7 Nights
  • Arizona and Utah, 7 Nights
  • Montana and Alberta, Canada, 6 Nights
  • Pennsylvania, District of Columbia and Virginia, 7 Nights
  • Southern California, 5 Nights
  • Wyoming, 6 Nights
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