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Adventures in Wonderland is a live-action musical comedy television series based on Walt Disney's animated classic Alice in Wonderland. In the series, Alice (played by Elisabeth Harnois), was portrayed as a girl who can go to and from Wonderland simply by walking through her mirror (a reference to Wonderland's source material Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking-Glass).

The show originally ran from March 23, 1992 to 1995[1] (with reruns continuing until at least 1998[2]) on The Disney Channel and on stations across the country. Like many Disney Channel original shows, it was taped at Disney's Hollywood Studios at the Walt Disney World in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, with two sound stages used exclusively for it, but only for its first 40 episodes. Afterward, shooting was moved to Los Angeles, California.[3][4]

On April 30, 2021, the series became available on Disney+ with the exception of the episode "White Rabbits Can't Jump".

Home media releases

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment released only three VHS tapes of certain episodes, however, there are currently no plans to release it on DVD.


Usually, the format consisted of Alice coming home from school and talking to Dinah (her cat) about a problem facing her that day, then going into Wonderland and finding the residents of that world facing a similar crisis. At the end of each episode, she would return to the real world with a solution to her problem. In some cases, she would have a problem with her brother, Brian, or sister, Kathy, a friend, or some other dilemma, and by the show's end, she would know how to deal with it. In "To Tear Is Human," she learns a lesson in humility when she splits her pants in the middle of a charades game, making her not so quick to laugh at other people's misfortune. (Earlier in the episode, she had laughed at another student for dropping his lunch tray.)

Main characters

  • Alice: The show's protagonist, played by Elisabeth Harnois. Alice is an average but beautiful preteen, often facing problems in school, with her brother, Brian, or sister, Kathy, or some other issue. She often confides in her cat, Dinah, about her day. She has a special gift in that she is able to pass into Wonderland by walking through her mirror (see Through the Looking-Glass). Whenever she arrives, she helps her friends solve their problems, which in turn offers a solution to hers in the real world.
  • The Red Queen: The beautiful ruler of Wonderland, played by Armelia McQueen. The Red Queen is Wonderland's sole monarch. She is strict but fair, often citing her mother and grandmother's example in her ruling. Unfortunately, she is occasionally a source of trouble, usually due to her selfish attitude. As queen, she expects to get whatever she wants right away, and often pouts when things go wrong - often to the point where she says "Oh harumph!". She usually ends up eating crow by the end of the episode, but sometimes, she offers solutions to problems other Wonderland residents face. Deep down, she has a heart of gold and cares greatly for her subjects (especially the White Rabbit), throwing them parties and celebrating their accomplishments.....(this is far the opposite for the Queen of Hearts in the Disney version.)
  • The White Rabbit: The Queen's chief lackey, played by Patrick Richwood. He is the Queen's personal chef, servant, butler, event planner, shopping assistant, and every other job that she can think of at the time. The sweet and logically minded buck rabbit wears roller skates to get around and occasionally loses control-with humorous results. He is also exceptionally timid, unable to stand up to the Queen when he is being treated unjustly. The golden-hearted bunny is good friends with the other citizens of Wonderland, and he is often a notable accomplice in their schemes, given his proximity to Her Majesty. Though he occasionally complains, he is actually the Queen's closest confidant, and he often sympathizes with her.
  • Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum: A pair of wacky and eccentric twins played by Robert Barry Fleming and Harry Waters Jr.(respectively) as adults, but in the episode "Bah, Hamburger," they are played by Thomas Hobson and Jullian Roy Doster (respectively) as kids. They wear bright, colorful clothing and sing and dance in the style of hip hop music. As brothers, they share a strong sibling rivalry, often competing with each other about nearly everything. They are the most athletic residents of Wonderland, often playing sports and organizing games. Their brotherly love usually triumphs over petty problems, and they usually offer Alice some sensible advice on any problems she may have.
  • The Mad Hatter: Wonderland's resident oddball, played by John Robert Hoffman. He lives in a house-shaped like a hat and is usually seen at his perpetually set tea table. He tends to be rather careless with his dishes and cups. His ditsy demeanor notwitstanding, he is Wonderland's chief inventor, often devising crazy machines and potions to get himself and the gang out of trouble. However, the devices tend to get them into further trouble. He also has an affinity for disguises, such as fake beards and nose/eyeglasses. His catchphrase is, "How true that is."
  • The March Hare: The young jack hare that manages to be bright and foolish at the same time, played by Reece Holland. He is sweet and quite intelligent, and he often assists his best friend the Mad Hatter in inventing and scheming. Unfortunately, he is terribly immature, lacks common sense, and is easily duped by others. He also usually serves the role of conscience among his friends; when a poor choice of judgment is reached, he is usually the one who questions the decision the most. He and the Mad Hatter are best friends, but they annoy each other almost as much as they pal around.
  • The Caterpillar: This mammoth insect is Wonderland's wisest and most intelligent resident, played by Wesley Mann. When he speaks, he draws out his vowels in a long, deep voice. As a bug, he has three pairs of hands, which he often uses in tandem to complete tasks. He has a book of wondrous stories, similar to fables in their animal characters and simple morals. The characters often visit the Caterpillar in his mushroom glen to seek advice, which comes in the form of a story. Occasionally, he leaves his patch to visit other Wonderland areas.
  • The Cheshire Cat: a sarcastic, sassy purple-striped tomcat that has the power to disappear and reappear at will. He loves to play all manner of practical jokes on the Wonderlanders, but even he occasionally performs some act of kindness.
  • The Dormouse: A tiny, happy-go-lucky rodent played by a puppet. He lives in a teapot on the Hatter's tea table. Despite his small size, he apparently has all the necessities of life inside his home, including a kitchen sink and a painting gallery.

Minor characters

  • The Duchess: The Red Queen's chief rival and, in a strange way, a good friend (played by Teri Garr). They constantly quest to upstage each other, often trading insults along the way. Often refers to the Queen as "Twinkle Toes". Apparently, their rivalry began when they were still quite young. All of the Wonderlanders assume that they dislike each other-but deep down, the two admit that they have a special, if rocky, relationship.
  • The Walrus: A newcomer to Wonderland, played by veteran Broadway actor Ken Page. When he first moved there, he was the victim of prejudice, but soon gained friendships with all of the other citizens. He is quite smart-although he does have one rather strange oddity, in that his best friend Pinniped is completely invisible. Though he seems different, he is accepted as just another member of the Wonderland gang.
  • Crystalvision: Although not really a living breathing character Crystalvision (Crystal for short) is often seen around Wonderland in various places. Crystal's role in Wonderland is something like that of a television showing clips and prerecorded images for all the citizens of Wonderland to see. In some episodes, it was shown having a real personality by making jokes via showing words on its screen and by the characters acknowledging it as a person.
  • Mike McNasty - A bully that wears cowboy-like garb (played by Gilbert Gottfried). He has a mother who is mentioned in the episode, "Pie Noon". She never appeared in the episode. He was seen in a flashback by the March Hare when his life was mentioned about the time he got bullied in high school. He's defeated by being hit on the face w/a pie.
  • April Hare - The March Hare's deaf cousin (played by Marlee Matlin).
  • Hedda Hatter - The Mad Hatter's handicapped cousin in a wheelchair (played by the late Christopher Templeton).
  • Town Singer - A singer who walks all over town (played by country singer/songwriter Willie Nelson) with a guitar while singing at the same time, much to the annoyance of the Hare. For this annoyance, he is ultimately pied by the Queen, but he has no problem with it.
  • Mama Red Queen - The Red Queen's mother (played by Armelia McQueen, the same lady who played the Queen).
  • Mama Tweedle - The Tweedles' mother (played by the same gentleman who played [Adult] Tweedle Dee).
  • Papa Tweedle - The Tweedles' father (played by the same gentleman who played [Adult] Tweedle Dum).
  • Mama March Hare - The March Hare's mother (played by the same gentleman who played her son).
  • Brian - Alice's off-screen younger brother.
  • Kathy - Alice's off-screen older sister.

Caterpillar's Stories

In almost every episode, Caterpillar would tell a fable, done in a clay setting, by Will Vinton Productions' Jeffrey Bost, Barry Bruce, Paul Diener, and John Logue. In some occasions, a story would be reused in a future episode.

  • A tale of a boy whose mother ordered Him clean his room, if He's to continue his Basketball playing.
  • A dog who went off in search of His owners.
  • An indecisive princess who had to choose which one of the three frogs (claiming to be princes) to kiss.
  • A dinosaur with a tree branch stuck in His teeth.
  • A dog detective, Humphrey Boneguard tasked by a poodle to locate a Kitten.
  • A monster child named Morris, afraid of a boy under his bed.
  • A tale about Elliot the Bull and why Bulls should not be in a China Shop.
  • A story about a cat who was tired of eating fish over and over.
  • A tale about a farmer named Even Steven who tried to keep His ducks even.
  • A tale about a young, but forgetful witch named Frida.
  • A tale about a paperboy, confounded by a dog at a scary-looking house.
  • A story about A patient girl named Patience and an impatient boy named Antsy. In the Outtakes, there was a gruesome alternate ending
  • A tale about a cowboy who tried to help get his herd of cows to go to sleep.
  • A tale about a bear, creating a faster way to get around, in the form of a Bear-cycle.
  • A story about a dog being taught a valuable lesson, that there's nothing wrong with a dog being friends with a cat.
  • A tale about a group of bugs enjoying a party in a beehive, despite the rain.
  • A tale about a caterpillar who saved a mushroom, resulting in a new mushroom forest.
  • A tale of a frowning frog named Phil.
  • A story of a caveman named Og, and how He became history's first poet.
  • A tale about a pig named Percy, who liked things to be perfect.
  • A tale about a large Elephant named Betty, learns that you can make do with what you can get.
  • A tale about a bored boy named Ralph, who learned that reading books can be exciting.
  • A tale about a farm woman buying a chicken that hatched messages, like from a fortune cookies.
  • A tale of a young lion named Elton, who didn't want to follow His father's footsteps.
  • A story about Florence the Inchworm who hoped to be in the school track team.
  • A story about Ashley the Chimpanzee, who ate peanut butter sandwich every meal. learned about trying new things.
  • A tale about a group of bugs and a Litterbug (A human child actually).
  • A tale about Laverne, an illiterate bumblebee, tasked with painting signs on where to find flowers.
  • A tale about a monster called the Cranky Ness Monster, along with a lesson that money can’t buy happiness.
  • A tale about Lucille an out-of-shape Elephant, and Roxy the Cheetah who taught Lucille to exercise.
  • A tale about the planet Clone, and an unusual alien named Clone 978.
  • A tale about Casey the Chameleon and her zeal to have everyone adore Her for her color changing ability.
  • A tale about a goose named Sally, who didn’t like to stray from her home.
  • A tale about Elbow, a young man of Greece, Which spanned the ages analogy “Elbow Grease”.
  • A story about Mabel the Mouse who learns a valuable lesson about heeding warnings.
  • A tale about a boy named Timmy who was never happy with his toys, and learns a valuable lesson about imagination.
  • A tale about a dog named Julien who hopes to be a Magician.
  • A tale about Carla the cat, who always copied everyone.
  • A tale about a young dinosaur named Tiny, who grows with good habits.
  • A tale about a too-friendly Billy Goat named Frank.
  • A heart-warming Christmas tale about Megan the Squirrel.
  • A story about three apathetic dogs who learn the hard way if they don’t take care of their house, it will be gone.
  • A story about some woodpeckers and their thoughtless vandalism on their favorite tree.
  • A story about A potato named Spud pays a price when he becomes enthralled by the TV.
  • A tale about Shirley the Sheep and her sisters getting lost while going to a concert.
  • A tale about Lucy and Olga, two cow sisters who competed against each other, which proved to be their undoing in the big game.
  • A story about Rocky Raccoon, born without a mask.
  • A story about Greta the ant, who longed for privacy.
  • A story about a young, but serious Hyena named Phillis who didn’t want to be embarrassed because of her shill laughing.
  • A story of a Sled dog team Learning a valuable lesson, after recruiting a husky dog named Diane,
  • A tale about a turtle named Tony, who spotted a UFO.
  • A story about a cave girl named Evelyn who seeks a hobby, when She picks Rock collecting...
  • A tale about Charlie the Cheetah, resorting to cheating so that His shoes wouldn’t wear out.
  • A story about bat and bird living in the same tree, complaining about each other’s activities at day or night,
  • A story about an indolent horse named Horace, a worker in His uncle’s horseshoe store, who learned the hard way that money does not grow on trees, after being cheated by a weasel.
  • A story about a bullying Largemouth Bass named Gill, the biggest fish in the pond, but when He goes to a bigger pond...
  • A tale about a spoiled prince who would get new shoes every day, but when He doesn’t get a new pair one day, He would go barefoot, which is a bad choice.
  • A tale about Keith the Kangaroo with a tendency to jump to conclusions.
  • A story about Bob, a goat with bad eating habits.



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