Aerosol is an antagonist from Pair of Kings. She is a mermaid who appears in the episode "A Mermaid's Tail". She has brown hair and an orange tail.


Aerosol is a beautiful woman with light skin and long light brown hair with strands of orange fabric. She wears a bright orange top with strands of beads and a starfish necklace with a gemstone in its center. Her tail is bright orange.


Aerosol is the leader of the mermaids and a natural leader and an manipulative but sly mermaid. She is well aware of her enchanting beauty and will use it to deceive men. She is wicked and selfish who cares only about herself. After her sisters were defeated, she claimed she never liked them any way and tried to flee without them.

Powers and Abilities

  • Fish physiology:
  • Sea creature affinity:
  • Siren song:


  • She, along with Amazonia and the gold mermaid were the only mermaids seen with tails.
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