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Who's been messing up everything?
It's been Agatha all along.
―Extract from "Agatha All Along"[src]

Agatha Harkness is a character from the Marvel Comics who appears in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, appearing as the main antagonist of the Marvel Disney+ series WandaVision and the protagonist of the upcoming series Agatha: House of Harkness. She is a witch, living in Westview, who is manipulating Wanda Maximoff, but goes under the guise of a housewife named Agnes, a nosy neighbor, who gleefully inserts herself into Wanda and Vision's lives. As each episode passes, she adapts into a new time period. She makes her debut in the first episode and is portrayed by starring cast member, Kathryn Hahn.

Agatha Harkness was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.



As Agnes, Agatha acts as a very perky and spontaneous person, being talkative nearly every time. She is shown to love gossiping and giving advice to the couple, especially to Wanda. She is also nosy, always barging into Wanda and Vision's house at anytime, normally without being invited. She curiously and conveniently always brings with her an item that they are needing at the moment and is always willing to help them, which Wanda sees as her just trying to be a good neighbor, but this also makes Vision suspicious of her.

However, behind her friendly and charismatic behavior, she is actually a very powerful witch who is later revealed to have been influencing Wanda, and turning her against the likes of those who would otherwise, genuinely want to help, like Monica Rambeau. She is shown to be cruel, to the point where she killed the twins' dog, Sparky, and sadistically laughed about it, and is also willing to harm young children to further her own goals. Upon being condemned by her own coven, she turns against the other witches and kills all of them, including her own mother, to survive, but shows no hint of sadness and remorse afterwards.

She is power-hungry, as demonstrated by her performing dark magic from a younger age, despite it violating the rules of her own coven, and by her fixation with Wanda, curious to understand the nature of her powers. Her slow manipulation also demonstrates the intelligence that Agatha holds. She learnt the art of magic, which required years of training, and excelled her own coven.

Powers and Abilities

Former Powers

  • Magic: Being a witch, Agatha possesses powerful magic, which grant her the ability to perform a wide variety of supernatural feats. Her powers are projected in the form of violet energy.
    • Telepathic Immunity: Billy Maximoff was gifted with the power of reading others thoughts, which at times, became a burden. When in the vicinity of Agnes, his power however, was not active.
    • Telekinesis: The power to move objects without physically touching them.
    • Mind Control: Agatha displayed the power to return Herb, Dottie and other residents of Westview to their original personas. She can also use mind control to command the psyche of another being. She also used her powers on Wanda Maximoff to access her past memories.
    • Flight: The ability to defy gravity, and move, while remaining off the ground.
    • Shapeshifting: Agatha was able to change the physical aspect of her clothing.
    • Invulnerability: The ability to be resistant to any form of magical attacks.
    • Magic Pollution: When Agatha's coven fired their magic at her in the forms of blue beams, she was able infect it, transforming it into a violet color.
    • Magic Absorption: Agatha can absorb the magic of others, causing the witches of her own coven and Wanda to rapidly age.
    • Spell Casting: The ability to perform spells. The user can perform acts of magic, that they may not naturally possess, but can access, though different means. Once cast, a spell can never be changed.
      • Protection Spell: In a given space, when runes are inscribed on each wall, only the witch that cast the runes can use their magic.
    • Binding: Magical restraints, placed on an individual to stop them from moving. They can be placed on the wrists and ankles.
    • Necromancy: The ability to utilize magic to control the dead. Agatha briefly mentioned how it was a limited option for her.
    • Magic Detection: The ability to sense the presence of magic. Westview emitted a high level of power, which drew in Agatha.
    • Transmutation: The power to physically alter the structure of something, into something completely different. Agatha transformed a bug, into a bird, with an incantation.
    • Longevity: The power to live a long period of time, with an expanded lifespan, and physically aging at a slower rate.
    • Sound Manipulation: Agatha was able to blackmail Wanda, by giving her access, to the sounds of her children's screams, while they remained elsewhere.
    • Teleportation: The power to move from one location to another. Agatha disappears in a cloud of smoke.
    • Energy Beams: An offensive power, which grants Agatha the ability attack her opponent with powerful beams of magical energy.


  • Bilingual: Agatha speaks English, and appears to have some understanding of Latin, as she uses it for her incantations.


Marvel Cinematic Universe


WandaVision - 1x08 - Previously On - Agatha at Stake.jpg

In Salem, Massachusetts, 1693, Agatha is tried by the witches of her coven. She is magically bound, and tied to the stake, as her mother, Evanora, reads the charges against her. She is accused of betraying her coven by stealing knowledge above her age and station, and practicing the darkest of magic. Agatha vehemently denies this, but Evanora silences her. She claims that she didn't steal break any rules, but simply bent them to her power. The coven surrounding Agatha begin chanting, and she protests that she can't control it, and cries if they only taught her instead. She begs for help, and urges for her mothers aid, but Evanora joins in the chant. The coven shoot beams of blue magic into Agatha, and she screams in agony. The inside of her skin begins to glow, and Agatha's screams lessen. Agatha's magic pollutes their beams, as they turn into a violet color, and the witches firing at her, begin to rapidly age. Evanora joins in the attack, but Agatha's powers are stronger, than the collective, and she magically frees herself from her constraints. Agatha holds out her hands, and spreads out her arms, releasing a burst of magic, that kills all the witches, besides Evanora. She pleads with Evanora, claiming she can be good, but her mother refuses, and sends a stream of blue magic into Agatha's chest. Violet light, emanating from her chest, reaches the blue beam, until in moves onto her mother, causing her to rapidly age, until it kills her. Agatha walks to her mothers corpse, and yanks off the pendant, attached to her robe, and flies off the ground.

330 years later, Agatha Harkness senses a high usage of magic, and arrives to Westview, New Jersey. She creates a fake persona named Agnes, and moves into house, next door, to Wanda Maximoff and Vision. She takes control of the owner, who Ralph Bohner, and claims he is her husband.

WandaVision - 1x01 - Filmed Before a Live Studio Audience - Photography - Agnes, Wanda and Vision.jpg

Following the couples arrival, Agnes enters and introduces herself, with a housewarming gift, explaining that she would've visited earlier, had she been home, but her mother-in-law was in town, so she wasn't. She makes a remark on how fast Wanda has unpacked, and enquirers on her status, to which Wanda reveals, she is married. Wanda furthermore explains her husband will be return for a special occasion, and Agnes concludes it must be for an anniversary. When Agnes asks Wanda how long she and her husband have been together, Wanda explains that she's felt like they've always been together, and Agnes laments her own husband would only remember their anniversary, if it was named after a beer. She asks what Wanda's planned, for the occasion, and recalls a magazine article she read, which can help her, and leaves to retrieve it, so they can begin preparing. Having taken care of the music, décor and wardrobe, and Agnes then reads out a few pointers for seduction techniques. At that moment, Vision calls, and Wanda signals to Agnes, that her plans seem to be running smoothly. That following evening, Wanda calls Agnes, and confesses, that the actual occasion was a meeting, with Vision's boss, and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Hart. Agnes, who already had a gourmet meal for four, prepared, brings it over, complaining that her husband would rather eat baked beans. She accidentally drops a few pans on the floor, prompting Mr. and Mrs. Hart's attention, so Wanda quickly thanks her, and turns her to the exit. Agnes asks Wanda if she's sure, and before she leaves, she briefly gives instructions on how to prepare all the food. Agnes then remembers to give Wanda a pineapple, for her upside-down cake, and finds no response to her knocks on the backdoor, so knocks at the front. She hands Wanda the pineapple, and greets Mr. and Mrs. Hart, before she quickly has the door, shut in her face.

WandaVision - 1x02 - Don't Touch That Dial - Photography - Agnes and Señor Scratchy.jpg

On the day of the planning committee meeting, Agnes heads over to Wanda's home, so she can hand over her pet rabbit, Señor Scratchy, for their magic act, and the pair walk to the home of the committee host, Dottie Jones. Before they enter, Agnes gives Wanda a warning on Dottie, and advises she stay on her good side, as she holds power in town. During the meeting, Dottie remarks about the devil being in the details, and Agnes sarcastically replies, that isn't the only place he is, before offering Bev, a fellow committee member chided by Dottie, a drink from her flannel. Once the meeting is over, Agnes wonders how anyone could be doing it sober. The time of the talent show arrives, and Agnes can be seen attending in the audience, sitting alongside Mrs. Hart. Throughout the performance, Agnes uses her magical abilities to wreak havoc on stage, causing various disasters in Wanda and Vision's performance. She makes a comment on the star quality of her rabbit, and when Vision announces he will make his wife disappear, Agnes remarks whether he's sure that he doesn't need her husband as a volunteer instead. Following their act, Dottie declares Wanda and Vision as the winners of the best comedy act, and Agnes can be seen clapping, alongside everyone else.

In the opening sequence of the third episode, Agnes is seen passing Wanda, and giving her a wave. When Agnes finds Herb, trimming his hedge, she uses her powers of mental manipulation on him, briefly unearthing his true persona. The pair discuss Geraldine entering the Vision Residence, and Monica's possible pregnancy. Vision arrives and greets the pair, and asks whether they also lost electricity. Agnes comments that they did, but her husband looks better in the dark, so she's not complaining. Before Vision heads back inside, Agnes asks if Geraldine is inside with Wanda. Herb mentions she's new to town, and Agnes notes she doesn't have a family or a home. When Vision asks them to further explain, Herb begins talking about the reason why Geraldine arrived, but before he can finish his sentence, Agnes tells him to stop it, with a fearful look in her eyes. She turns back to Vision, in a smiley demeanor, and tells him she needs to leave, so she can hitch her macramé.

WandaVision - 1x05 - On a Very Special Episode... - Agnes.jpg

Agnes arrives at the Vision residence, after hearing the twins crying, and offers to console them, for the stressed parents. Wanda thanks her, but before Agnes can take on her offer, Vision begins fretting about keeping the twins safe, and decides, maybe she shouldn't. Agnes glances at Wanda, and in serious tone, different from her usual upbeat demeanor, asks if she should take that again, as Wanda wants her to hold the babies. She offers to take it from the top, and Wanda quickly laughs this off, and tells Vision they should let Agnes try. Agnes then shifts away from the serious manner in which she last spoke, back to her original preppy form, and dares the babies to stay awake. She begins rocking the crib, while doing lunges, and then sprays lavender, which she tells Wanda and Vision, has a calming effect, and that Ralph sprays it on her, though there's not taming her. She then goes into their cabinet, and informs them, she's looking for dark liquor, for the twins. She then goes to backroom to check. While she's there, the twins age up five years, to Wanda and Visions shock, and Agnes sits on the counter, with a drink in hand, and makes a remark on how you cant control kids, no matter how hard you try. Agnes later sees Billy and Tommy have a new pet dog, though her window, and comes over, with a kennel for them. She asks if they've named him, and Billy suggests Sniffy, but at that moment, the dog, begins sniffing at a socket, causing sparky to fly, and Agnes suggests Sparky, which they settle on. She places a collar on, with them, and when Billy asks his parents if Sparky is their dog, she pleadingly poses, whilst holding him. Wanda tells the pair, they don't think the can be responsible for a pet, until they're at least ten, and so the boys age up another five years, reaching ten years old. Agnes comments, that they should hope the dog stays the same size, and jokingly woofs at Sparky. Later that day, Agnes finds Sparky dead, after eating leaves from her azalea bushes, on her front lawn. She proceeds to wrap him up in a blanket, when Billy, Tommy and Wanda pass her house. She breaks the news to them, and apologizes to the boys, for their loss. The boys begin grieving over their Sparky, and when Tommy asks Wanda to resurrect him, Agnes questions if Wanda can do that. Wanda explains to them she cant, and Agnes watches on, as Vision arrives, and consoles the boys. That evening, she has Ralph, to take the part of Wanda's deceased brother, Pietro Maximoff, while sitting with a picnic on her front lawn.

WandaVision - 1x06 - All-New Halloween Spooktacular! - Agnes.jpg

On Halloween, Agnes dresses up as a witch, and drives, until she reaches the intersection of Rolling Hill and Ellis Avenue. Her intentions is to be seen by Vision, and plant the idea that Wanda is responsible, for going-ons, in the town. Her car stops, with the headlights on, and she stares mindlessly, at the road ahead. Vision arrives, from the sky, and questions what she's doing there. Agnes keeps her gaze off him, and asks where Town Square Scare is. He replies that he expects that it's in Town Sure, and chuckles, and Agnes does so too, while her facial expressions remain unemotional, and she continues looking forward. She tells him she took a wrong turn and got lost. Vision asks if she's referring to the town she grew up in, but she remains unresponsive. He then proceeds to touché her temple, and Agnes gasps. She breaks her concentration ahead, and looks directly at Vision. She recognizes him as one of the Avengers, and hold his hands. She asks if he's there's to help them, and he confirms he is, but questions what an Avengers is. Agnes lets go of his hands, and wonders why he doesn't know. She appears in shock, places her hand over her heart, and asks if she's dead. He tells her no, and questions why she would even think that, and Agnes reveals he is dead. She begins to repeat the word "Dead", louder and louder. Vision informs her of his intentions, to reach those outside Westview, and make sense of their situation, but Agnes asks how, as no one leaves, and Wanda won't even let them think about it. She chortles, and remarks that all is lost, before manically laughing, while Vision tells her to calm down. He touches her temple again, and Agnes reverts to her former state. He promises he'll fix this, and she looks at him, tells him okay, in a happy manner, before driving back into town, with a smile on her face.

WandaVision - 1x07 - Breaking the Fourth Wall - Agnes Director.webp

The following day, Agnes begins interviewing Wanda without her knowledge. She learns Wanda's thoughts, as she proceeds throughout the day. Agnes later arrives to the Vision Residence, and finds Wanda in her pajamas, while sitting on the couch. Agatha decides it may be a good idea, to take Billy and Tommy away, so Wanda can can have time alone, and she takes them to her home. The boys sit on her couch, and she settles in between them. She leans towards Billy, who is petting Señor Scratchy, and wonders what he is thinking. He tells her he likes it at her house, because it's quiet, and she is too, on the inside. Tommy asks if she thinks their mother is alright, and Agnes reassures them, calming they don't need to worry, and she's a super-mom. She confesses in an interview, that Ralph tells her, she sugarcoats things, but she is unable to tell a child his mother is unstable. Later on, Agnes peers outside her window, to see a confrontation between Wanda and Monica. She rushes to Wanda's side, tells Monica she's overstayed her welcome, and asks her to leave, guiding Wanda, back to her home. She sits her down, and heads to the kitchen to make her some tea. From the living room, Wanda asks where the twins are, and Agnes responds that they're likely playing in the basement. As Wanda heads in there to check on them, Agnes secretly follows her. They go through a passage with walls covered in vines, into a larger room. Agnes makes herself known, while petting Señor Scratchy, and reveals herself to also be a magic user. She flicks her hands, causing the doors to shut, and introduces herself by her true name; Agatha Harkness. Her eyes glow violet, and a flash of luminescence, flows around Wanda, turning her eyes the same color.

WandaVision - 1x08 - Previously On - Wanda and Agatha.jpg

Señor Scratchy makes a comment on how shocked Wanda looks, to meet them, to which Agatha, agrees. Wanda tries tries reading Agatha's thoughts, but the witch reveals they were never available to Wanda, and chuckles. Wanda questions where her children are, and Agatha repeats her question, in a mocking tone, and observes the fluctuation between Wanda's Sokovian and American accent. Wanda attempts to use her powers against Agatha, but she is defenseless, and Agatha magically binds Wanda, and lifting her of the ground and towards her. She points out the protection spell, and explains that the runes, prevent any other magic users, from accessing their powers. She inquires how Wanda doesn't know the fundamentals of magic, and when Wanda questions who she is, Agatha returns the sentiment. She explains how she patiently waited for Wanda to reveal her true self, and got close with the fake Pietro ("Fietro"), a crystalline possession, whom she controlled, and makes a joke about how the real Pietro was on another continent and full of holes, but observes that Wanda was so crippled with her own self-doubt, she believed the impostor to be her brother. Agatha recalls how she sensed the high usage of magic, taking place in Westview, drawing her to the town, but she couldn't make sense of it. She picks up a bug from the wall, and places it in her palm. She waves her hand, over the creature and begins chanting, to demonstrate her power of mind control, making it land and travel, over Wanda's face. She questions how Wanda was able to control a mass population, all interacting with each other, according to complex storylines, something she notes as special. She removes the bug from Wanda's face, and demonstrates her ability of transmutation, by casting another incantation, and turning it, into a bird, and letting it fly free. She recounts the years of study she took, to achieve the smallest convincing illusion, and grabs the bird, mid-air with her hand. Agatha expresses the amazement, at what Wanda has achieved, from the little details, to the illusions running, miles away from the edge of town, a feat she describes as magic on autopilot. She squeezes her palm, out of anger, and questions what Wanda's secret is. She waves her hand, over the bird, once again, and throws it in Señor Scratchy's direction. As the birds heads to the rabbit, it returns into a bug state, and he eats it. She demands Wanda tell her, how she achieved the transformation of Westview, and when Wanda denies her involvement, Agatha magically throws her against the walls, back and forth. She expresses how she tried to be gentle, and nudge Wanda from her fantasy, but declares she has now has no other choice. She recalls that Wanda told "Fietro" that she felt empty, alone and endless nothing, and decides to start there. She plucks a hair from Wanda's head, and recites an incantation over it, causing the hair to glow violet, and fly into a wall which conjures a door. She frees Wanda from her constraints, and orders her to follow her to the door, but when Wanda refuses, Agatha summons the sounds of Tommy and Billy screaming for their mother.

Wanda stands up, and the pair enter a room, leading into Wanda's childhood home, where they remain as ghosts, watching the past. Agatha compares the setting, to the Cold War, and watches Wanda's family. When Pietro arrives, she comments on how loud he is. Pietro begins calling for Wanda, and Agatha urges Wanda to join, and the family are accompanied, by young Wanda as a girl. She looks upon them, watching a comedy show, until, a bomb lands on their house, killing Wanda and Pietro's parents, and destroying the home. The pair hide under a table, and second bomb lands in front of them, but doesn't detonate. Agatha questions if Wanda stopped the bomb, and reveals that she used a probability hex. She asks how long they were trapped for, and Wanda tells them, it was two days. Agatha snidely remarks on Wanda's trauma, and walks through the rubble. She observes that they were safe the whole time, and notes that Wanda was a witch, but still doesn't understand how she amassed so much power, and questions her. Another door is conjured, and Wanda expresses that she doesn't want to go there, but Agatha advises her, that the only way forward is back, and the pair enter together, leading to a HYDRA facility. Agatha asks why her reaction to the bombing of her home, and murder of her parents, led her to an anti-freedom terrorist organization, and Wanda tells her, that she and her brother wanted to change the world. She tells her not to be scared, and as Wanda steps forward, she live through the memory again, in version of her younger self. Agatha watches, as Wanda makes contact with the Mind Stone, formerly contained in Loki's Scepter, and as she touches it, a burst of light shines upon her, and she witnesses a figure emerging from it, and falls unconscious. Agatha realizes that the Mind Stone amplified the magic she was born with, which would've otherwise died off. She makes a theory on Wanda's true nature, but needs access to further memories, to validate it. The pair enter a door in the Avengers compound, and Wanda divulges that it was the first home she and Vision shared together, right after Pietro died and she moved to a new country. Agatha watches Wanda in the past, interact quoth Vision, while watching Malcolm in the Middle and spectates, as the pair bond together. She sarcastically wipes a tear from her eye, and recaps that her parents, Pietro and Vision are all dead. She asks Wanda what happened when he wasn't there to pull her back from the darkness. She urges Wanda to explain how she did it, and Wanda recalls that she wanted Vision back. The pair go through another door, which leads to Wanda, arriving at the S.W.O.R.D. Headquarters, following the Blip, and five years after Vision passed. Agatha witnesses Wanda look at Vision's broken body, while experimented on, by S.W.O.R.D. faculty, and being denied the opportunity to bury him. When Wanda, returns to her car, she finds an envelope, that leads her to Westview, where Vision planned a life for the pair together. She goes to the address, where he wanted to settle with her, only to find a demolished building.

In her grief, Wanda cries, releasing a blast of scarlet magic, emerging through her entire body, which reconstructs the house, transforms all of Westview, and its residents, into a 1950s, black and white setting, and recreates Vision. When the memory is over, Agatha slowly claps on the seat of an auditorium, congratulating Wanda, and disappearing. She takes ahold of Tommy and Billy Maximoff, and begins choking them boys on the ground, through magical wires, while levitating in the air. When Wanda reaches them, she tells her, she knows what she is, and strengthens her grip on the wires. She tells Wanda she has no idea how dangerous she is, and as a being capable of spontaneous creation, she is supposed to be a myth. Wanda begs her to free her children, and Agatha tells her that they, along with Vision and the life she's made, is Chaos Magic, making her the Scarlet Witch.

WandaVision Episode 9 Photo 1.jpg

Wanda warns Agatha that her powers work outside, but she insists that she's counting on it. When Tommy and Billy attempt to run towards their mother, Agatha pulls back the wires attached their throats, causing the twins to fall to the ground. Wanda fires at her with an energy blast, throwing her back, and releasing her grip on the boys. Wanda orders her sons to go to their room, and they insist on staying with her, until Agatha tells them to listen to their mother, and the pair run away. An energy blast is thrown at her, but this time, Agatha catches and harnesses it for herself, while also causing Wanda's left hand to rapidly age. She redirects it at Wanda, blasting her back, and requests she surrender her magic. Agatha levitates in the air, and adds onto her offer that she'll allow Wanda to keep Westview to herself, when suddenly, Wanda throws a car from behind her, crashing Agatha, into a house. She teleports onto the roof, as Vision and White Vision also join in on the battle. Agatha comments on how awkward it must be for Wanda with her ex, and current partner, and flies away, into the town as Wanda follows, before disappearing from her line of sight, causing Wanda to begin searching in the middle of town. Agatha shoots Wanda with a beam of energy from behind, stating that she's never battled with another witch before. She informs her there's an entire chapter devoted her in the Darkhold, and conjures it, to explain the power she holds as the Scarlet Witch, and how she's destined to destroy the world. Wanda disregards this, so Agatha makes a point to prove all the suffering she's already caused, and unearths the true persona of Dottie Jones, names Sarah Proctor. Sarah begs Wanda to free her daughter, and Wanda believes Agatha to be controlling the citizens, but Agatha expresses how the people are Wanda's puppets, and she just cut the strings. She begins to spread her magic, to all the townsfolk, in Westview, who begin reverting back to their true identities, and approach Wanda. Agatha watches on as Wanda becomes overwhelmed by the citizens pleads, and when she promises to free them, Agatha questions what's stopping her, as she has the power, and heroes don't torture people. Wanda unleashes her magic, and begins lowering the barrier, to which Agatha chuckles to, telling Wanda that now she'll see.

As the Hex weakens, Vision and her children begin fading, and Agatha elucidates how her family are tied to the Wanda's reality. Wanda restores the Hex, and runs to her family, before Agatha fires at her, and begins absorbing Wanda's magic. During the short period of time when the barrier was lowered, S.W.O.R.D. were able to infiltrate the town. They drive in, and aim their guns at Agatha, but she telekinetically lifts the personnel in the air, and expresses how women such as her and Wanda will always be hunted, and drops them to the ground. Agatha throws a ball of energy towards Wanda, while heading in her direction, but misses, and Wanda suddenly disappears, to her confusion. Agatha settles on the roof of a building, observing Wanda's family, when the young witch creeps upon her, from behind, and uses her power to induce a nightmare. In this scenario, Agatha, returns to Salem, Massachusetts, and bound at the stake, once more, surrounded by her dead coven. Wanda appears before her, and asserts that the difference between the two, is that Agatha's misdeeds were on purpose. The witches of coven begin rising from the dead, facing her, and she begs Wanda to free her. They then unexpectedly turn to Wanda, and proclaim she is a witch, with Evanora announcing her to be the Scarlet Witch. Wanda turns to Agatha who states she told her, and she frees herself. She watches as Wanda is tied up, in her place, and tells her that Wanda can't win, because of her lack of knowledge. As she's bound, a red crown, made up of magical energy, is conjured onto Wanda's head, and Agatha calls for her power, and in return, she will correct the flaws in Wanda's original spell, allowing her to be at peace with her family. Wanda fires a beam of energy knocking back the witches that held her back, and runs into Agnes, removing the two, from the nightmare. The pair tussle in the air, and head into the clouds. Wanda fires at Agatha, telling her she doesn't want her powers, and Agatha continues to provoke her. The two move in the sky, and Wanda hits Agatha, various times, but also misses, and hits the barrier. With each blast, Agatha's powers strengthen, and she begins absorbing Wanda's magic, leaving Wanda aged, and seemingly defenseless. Agatha discloses that the deal the pair made has been rescinded, as once cast, a spell can never be changed, leaving her world broken.

Agatha prepares to fire at her, and pushes her hands forward, but nothing happens and in her seconds attempt, nothing changes. Wanda's youth is restored before Agatha, and the runes of a protection spell cast by her are revealed in corners of the town, leaving Agatha powerless. Wanda thanks her for the lessons, and states she doesn't need her, to tell her who she is. Agatha screams in agony, as Wanda absorbs all the magic Agatha took from her, transforming into the Scarlet Witch, before her own eyes. Agatha utters that Wanda doesn't know what she's done, and the pair are lowered to ground level. Agatha lies in defeat, and praises Wanda, before questioning what she plans to do with her. Wanda decides that she will be tied to Westview, under the persona of "Agnes", the nosy neighbor. She pleads with her, and labels her fate as cruel. She insists Wanda will need her, as she's unaware of what she's unleashed, but Wanda simply replies that if she does, she'll know where to find her. She touches Agatha's temple, and the witch transforms into Agnes. She cheerfully greets Wanda as "hon", and makes a comment on her new uniform. Wanda tells her that she lives in Westview, and no one will ever bother her, and the pair part ways.

Agatha: House of Harkness

Kathryn Hahn is expected to reprise her role as Agatha Harkness in a Disney+ spinoff.[1]

Other Appearances

The Good, the Bart, and the Loki

Selma Bouvier appears as Agatha in this The Simpsons short, as Lisa Simpson gathers the "Springfield Avengers" to attack Loki.

Disney Parks

Agatha Harkness appears in the Avengers Campus at the Disney California Adventure as a part of the "Oogie Boogie Bash" Halloween event.[2]


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  • Agnes' true identity was hinted at through the series:
    • She was the only person on the board of the Westview's "cast members" in the fourth episode that Darcy Lewis, Jimmy Woo and the agents of S.W.O.R.D. were not able to identify.
    • She wears a distinctively round pendant in every episode, just like the one that her comic book self wears on the collar of her dress.
    • In Episode 2's opening, an advertisement for "Auntie A's" cat litter (which pictures a black cat) can be spotted in the background. This is a nod to Agatha's familiar in the comics, a black cat named Ebony.
    • Out of all the "supporting characters" in Westview, she seems to be the most aware that they're living in a TV show, as exemplified when she briefly breaks character and asks to redo her line. This is because unlike the other characters, she's out of Wanda's control and is playing her role on her own accord.
    • She dresses as a witch in the Halloween Episode, and lets out an eerily witch-like cackle when she declares that all hope is lost. It's also quite suspicious that she isn't completely frozen when Vision finds her at the town's outer limits, unlike the other residents living around that area.
    • She claims that her wedding was on June 2nd, the same day that the Salem witch trials commenced.
    • Billy tells her that she's "quiet on the inside", as in, he can't sense any of her inner thoughts. This implies that she's immune to both Wanda and Billy's mind powers.
    • When Wanda froze all those around her, during her confrontation with Monica Rambeau in the seventh episode, she was not frozen.
  • Her guise as "Agnes" was in reference to actress Agnes Moorehead, who portrayed Eudora (the witch mother of Samantha Stephens) on Bewitched.
  • Agnes being revealed as the villain at the end of the series is paralleled at the end of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, when Sharon Carter (a former ally of Captain America) is revealed at the end of the series.
  • Agatha is the second Marvel character, originating from a Disney+ show, to star in her own spinoff,[1] the first being Echo, from Hawkeye.


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