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Let's put a pin in it.
―Penny's Agent

Penny's Agent is the main antagonist of Disney's 2008 animated feature film Bolt. He is a third-party talent agent, who represented Penny on the Bolt TV show.


Penny's agent is only cares about the success of the TV show and not about the real lives of Bolt, Penny, or her mother to the extent that he is unsympathetic, abrupt, and a bit greedy for money. When Bolt goes missing, he even goes as far as to try and force Penny to go on with the show with a replacement dog actor. He even tries to exploit Penny's near death experience from the fire for his own gain, which promptly results in his downfall.

He also isn't particularly intelligent, as he doesn't think about Penny asking for help finding Bolt on the TV show, and instead supports the crew's decision of getting a different dog to play Bolt.

Role in the film

As Penny's agent, his job is to manage Penny to keep her working for the TV show, no matter what. He also tries to lure her away from Bolt, describing the studio as Bolt's "world".

When Bolt disappears, he wants Penny to work with another dog. During the fire on the set, he re-encounters the real Bolt, tripping over the dog while fleeing.

After Penny and Bolt are rescued from the fire and taken into an ambulance with her mother, her agent joins them and tells Penny's mother that she could still do the show even when injured so he can steal all her earnings. He is immediately thrown out of the ambulance by Penny's outraged mother, who announces to him that she, Penny, and Bolt quit. He tries to talk them out of it with his signature "pin" move, but Penny's mother, fed up with his smooth talk, slams the ambulance door in his face. He presumably either gets hired to represent Penny's replacement afterwards or his agency ends up firing him altogether.


  • His catchphrase is "Let's put a pin in it," which is a common way of saying "let's not discuss this any further".
  • His real name is unknown, as is the agency he works for and the amount of Penny's earnings he takes.
  • Judging by his dialogue about him getting a baseball glove instead of a bicycle for as a child, he possibly had a rough childhood which lead to him becoming greedy and unsympathetic, though this could also be simply due to his third-party occupation as a talent agent.
  • He somewhat resembles his voice actor, Greg Germann.
  • Character Development Art of Penny's Agent (below) depicted him as more sinister and shark-like.
    • In fact, Joe Moshier (a character design artist of the film) stated in The Art of Bolt that he studied sharks when he was developing the character and wanted to give him a shark-like quality to communicate visually that he shouldn't be trusted.


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