Agent Woods is the main antagonist in 1996 Disney live-action film, First Kid.

Role in the film

Agent Woods is a Secret Service agent assigned to protect Luke Davenport. But when he is seen mistreating Luke, he is replaced by Sam Simms. Later, he gets fired for failing his physical. Using the username Moongoose12, he befriends Luke online. He leaves a backpack outside the White House which causes Luke to be forbidden to go to the school dance. He gives Luke advice on how to escape from the White House and tells him to meet him in the mall. He kidnaps him there and meets with Sam. He tells him that he's going to return Luke to the White House so he could be a hero and get rehired. He also say he blames Luke for the loss of his job and his separation from his wife. He then starts a standoff with Sam who takes him down with a right uppercut. He tries to shoot Luke with another gun but Sam takes the bullet instead. He then gets shot and arrested by arriving Secret Service agents for kidnapping, assault and attempted murder.

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