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"Agony of a Witch" is the eighteenth episode of the Disney Channel animated series The Owl House. It premiered on August 22, 2020.


On a school field trip to the mysterious Emperor's Castle, Luz strays from the group and into danger.


In the Emperor's Castle, after promising Kikimora to capture Eda, Lilith and her crew again are unsuccessful in invading the Owl House, as they are defeated by a petulant Hooty. Eda, who watched the whole scene, explains to Luz about the witch's wool she made, intended to repel powerful spells, since Eda needs to protect herself against the occasional invasions of Emperor Belos' goons. According to Eda, Belos created the coven system to control all wild magic, as well as he ordered Eda's capture for years for her conduct not "in line". A worried Luz is comforted by Eda, who claims that her cursed form is the only thing that has slowed her down and that she has been keeping her curse for weeks, although she returned to becoming the Owl Beast at that moment, much to Luz and King's amazement.

Eda again has the flashback of the time she was cursed, revealed to have been while she, as younger, slept. The door to Eda's room opens, with the "curser" appearing and being confronted by her to show her mysterious face. Eda, after taking a many of elixirs, returns to normal and worries Luz who notices that her curse is corrupting her gem. Eda explains that the elixirs are losing their effect and that she would permanently become the Owl Beast if she did not limit the use of her magic from then on, saying goodbye to Luz who goes to school. There, Luz learns that Hexside that day goes on a field trip to the Emperor's Castle, with her also deciding to go there with the intention of stealing the Healing Hat, made of an ancient magic that can heal any curse, concluding to be the only option to cure Eda's curse.

During the tour, Luz took notes while Willow told her that Emperor Belos is considered the most skilled witch who has ever lived and that she is supposed to be able to talk to the fallen Titan of the Isles. Hexsidian students are guided by Kikimora during the course, in which she narrates that fifty years ago, in the hitherto known Savage Ages, witches practiced wild magic and had access to the corrupt knowledge that "dishonored" the Titan before the Emperor took possession of the throne, which allowed witches to learn the correct ways to perform magic. At the end of Kikimora's speech, Lilith appears to personally talk to the Emperor who had called her, with Luz distancing herself from the group to follow her to the room where Emperor Belos was.

Emperor Belos draws Lilith's attention to Eda's unsuccessful capture that morning, offering her to do it again until the twilight, where he will allow Eda at Emperor's Coven and heal her curse, while Lilith's punishment if she fails is banned and condemned from the Emperor's Coven, leaving her desperate for not discovering Eda's weakness. During this, while Eda and King prepared a surprise for Luz, the latter, Willow and Gus team up to borrow, and not steal, the Healing Hat to heal Eda's curse. However, when they are temporarily locked in the Relic Room, they are discovered by Lilith, who uses Luz as a hostage to lure Eda to Emperor's Castle and sends Willow and Gus to give the news to Eda, waiting for her in front of the castle, at the bridge.

Eda appears furiously in the Emperor's Castle to confront Lilith, again refusing her offer and starting a witch's duel; while fighting, Lilith cowardly hid behind Luz, who was inside an orb. Eda's powers begin to slow her down and Lilith confronts her with problems in the past about how Eda was supposed to be better than her and that Lilith never was able to overcome her, causing her to accidentally reveal that she was the one who cursed Eda when younger, leaving her angry. In a final attempt to overcome Eda again, Lilith throws Luz off the bridge, with Eda struggling and draining her powers to hold Luz steady and out of reach of a pit of bones below. When Eda's curse slowly begins to lift, she declares herself to Luz and thanks her for being in her life, finishing giving up her magic to become the Owl Beast again and, although Luz was saved by Owlbert, Eda was finally captured by Lilith.

Early in the morning, after King surprised Luz with a celebration for her return, he and Hooty worry about her when she cries for Eda's absence.



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  • This is the first episode to end without the usual credit outro.
  • It is revealed in this episode that Lilith was the one who cursed Eda.
  • Amity's foot is still injured from the previous episode and it is the reason why she does not go with the other students to the Emperor's Castle.
  • The code word for this episode is "Of ".
  • One of the pictures in the sleeping Eda's room was of a witch closely resembling the artist, Prince.
  • This is the last episode to have Eda's debut design, as her new appearance would change in "Young Blood, Old Souls".
  • Emperor Belos makes his debut appearance in this episode, as does the Golden Guard.
  • This episode roughly takes place one month after "Covention".
  • A Hidden Mickey can be seen in one of Belos' banners as he leaves after Lilith captures Eda.


  • Although Bump speaks in this episode, his voice actor is not listed in the credits.
  • King doesn't have a shadow as he walks over to Luz, even though Luz is clearly shown with a shadow in the same light.

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