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I was thinking of my daughter!
―Agustín standing up to Alma Madrigal

Agustín Madrigal is a supporting character in Disney's 2021 animated feature film, Encanto. He is the husband of Julieta Madrigal and father of Isabela, Luisa, and Mirabel. Having married into the family, Agustín has no magical gift of his own like Mirabel. However, his accident-prone tendencies allow his wife to continuously refine her healing magic.


Agustín's life before joining the Madrigal family is unknown other than that his biological family still lives in Encanto. Due to being accident-prone, Agustín often needed to be healed quickly and that led him to meet the community healer, Julieta whose magical gift was to heal people through her cooking.[1] Unlike how she accepted Félix in the Madrigals, Alma never got along with Agustín and was skeptical that Agustín would fall in love with her daughter since he was not Abuela's first choice to marry Julieta. But Julieta loved Agustín so much that the two eventually married and they had three daughters: Isabela, Luisa, and Mirabel.[2] Agustín in addition to becoming the brother-in-law of Félix, Pepa, and Bruno, is also the uncle of Dolores, Camilo, and Antonio.

Official Description

Agustín is somewhat a fish out of water, having married into the magical family. Awkward and accident-prone, he always has the best intentions, especially when it comes to his daughters.[3]
Agustín is an accident-prone person. He may be a slightly awkward fish out of water who married into the Madrigal family, but he is the perfect husband to Julieta, who has to heal his injuries.[4]


As with the rest of the Madrigal family, Agustín was designed to reflect "family archetypes that are immediately relatable".[5] Of all the characters in the film, Agustín was the one who underwent the most changes and designs before reaching his final version. The studio initially, in addition to creating Agustín as the protagonist, was also to be the head patriarch of the Madrigal family and the one who built Casa Madrigal. However, this was changed due to a field guide on Colombia telling the studio that the local communities are matriarchal and the studio wanted the story to feature women, which led to the creation of Alma as the matriarch and Mirabel as the protagonist.[6] During the creation process, Agustín in other concepts originally had a messier hairstyle and sported a long mustache. Similar to the final product, Agustín looked like a "city man", coming from "somewhere similar to Bogotá", being well-put-together and wearing a suit. This makes him a "fish out of the water" in the Encanto.[7]


Having married into the family, Agustín has no magical gift of his own, and understands what it is like not to feel as though he belongs in the family. He tries his best to comfort his youngest daughter, Mirabel, due to her being the only Madrigal child (who was born in the family) without a magical gift. When he discovered Bruno's vision of Mirabel and their family home being destroyed, Agustín grew concerned about what would happen to the family and tried to keep it a secret, with the well-being of his youngest daughter being the only thing in his mind as he wanted to protect Mirabel from any shame brought upon her by their family and community.

Agustín shares a close relationship with his wife, Julieta, where the two support each other and do their best to look after Mirabel whenever she is upset or facing issues over not having a magical gift. Agustín is also aware of how Alma treats Mirabel and is not afraid to stand up to his mother-in-law when she confronts him over keeping Bruno's vision a secret, saying that he was thinking about his daughter. All in all, Agustín loves all of his family members and is willing to protect them, despite his clumsiness.

Physical appearance

Agustín is a tall and slender Latino man who wears glasses, a white suit, and a blue vest and tie. He also has slick gray-and-black hair, a pencil-thin mustache, and brown eyes. Parts of Agustín's clothes symbolize his daughters - a flower on his vest for Isabela, one sock with dumbbells for Luisa, and the other sock in the style of Mirabel’s embroidery.[8]



Agustín first appears with his family as they start their day and walk into the village. During "The Family Madrigal," Agustín and his brother-in-law, Félix Madrigal are introduced by Mirabel where Agustín shares a kiss with Julieta before he gets stung by a swarm of bees after dropping his axe into a beehive when attempting to chop wood.


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  • Agustín's birthday is on June 19, coinciding with Father's Day in Colombia, which usually falls between June 15-21, depending on which date is the third Sunday of June. Jared Bush heavily hints that Agustín was born on a Wednesday.[9][10]
  • Agustín's natal family are still alive and live in Encanto.[11][12]
  • Agustín is a little younger than the triplets.[13]
  • According to director Jared Bush, Agustín was born in Bogotá, the capital of Colombia.
  • Similar to Winnie the Pooh, Agustín has a conflict with bees.
  • According to The Art of Encanto, Agustín's paternal surname is Rojas.


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