Aida is the protagonist of the musical with the same name. She is portrayed by Heather Headley. She is the daughter of the king of Nubia, Amonasro, and is therefore the princess of Nubia. She has a free spirit, a noble heart, and has a love for exploring. Her father, Amonasro, taught her how to use a sword when she was young. Aida and her father Amonasro often went sailing together, which possibly kindled her love for new places.

While traveling through the countryside along with the rest of Nubia, she was taken captive by Radames, captain of the Egyptian army, who does not know her true identity. She was given to Amneris, the princess of Egypt, as her handmaiden. Aida eventually fell in love with the Egyptian Captain of the guard, and Amneris betrothed, Radames, but is torn between her devotion for him and her duty to her people, who are looking to her as their lead out of Egypt, and into freedom.

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