Airiels are characters and antagonists from Adventures of the Gummi Bears. They appear in the episode "Top Gum".


They are Gnome-like beings that live high in the sky on Airiel Island.

Unlike in Grammi's Gummi fairytale story where they have wings, they fly around in their Gummiberry Juice-powered flying machines. The story also failed to mention that they are also very rude, cocky, cunning and prideful. The Ariels were in fact once a sworn enemy to the Ancient Gummies. 500 years ago, the Airiels' ancestors tried to conquer and enslave the Gummi Bears to produce them the juice in order to conquer the skies with their flying machines. When the Airiels' attempt failed, the Ancient Gummies banished and marooned them, high and dry with no Gummiberry Juice, on a floating island which became Airiel Island. The Airiels have since not changed their wicked ways, and would even lie and snicker to any Gummi Bear that would come to their citadel. Perhaps the Gummi fairytale about them was intentionally written, so to cover up their cruel past for Gummi cubs.

In the episode "Top Gum", once Cubbi and Artie land on the island, they are confronted and captured by the wicked Airiels, who are delighted of getting their hands upon a Gummi Bear. They then take him to see their king, but whenever he claims that they are old friends to the Gummi Bears, the other Airiels snicker and laugh wickedly, especially at the descriptions from the Gummi fairytale book about them having wings.

Though Cubbi is treated as a guest, Artie has his suspicions, and is even captured when he is eavesdropping to the Airiels' plans of following Cubbi with their flying machines back to Gummi Glen. They ransack the place, capture all the Gummies and take them back to Airiel Island, except for Cubbi who is confined to his room by Gruffi.

The Airiels threaten to drop a Gummi off the island if they don't give them the Gummiberry Juice recipe, so they're able to power their Flying Machines in order to rule the skies once again. But thanks to Cubbi and Artie, the Gummies are able to destroy all of the Airiels' Flying Machines, sparing one large, blimp-like Flying Machine in which the Gummies escape. Whilst leaving, the King pleads with them not to leave the Airiels high and dry once again, only for Cubbi the state that "They'll probably meet again in another 500 years." The King's outrage is dimly silenced out, once the island disappears within the clouds.


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