Akira Akatsuki is the main character of Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers. He is partners with Iron Man.


Akira and his brother Hikaru are brought to the USA to see the first showing of their father's invention for Stark Enterprises: the DISKs, small devices to imprison villains in a codified form. After Loki Laufeyson captures the Avengers and other heroes in DISKs, Akira, Hikaru and other three kids are affected by a defective bio-code that allows them to briefly summon the heroes from the DISKs via a D-Smash. Akira's bio-code allows him to D-Smash Tech heroes like Iron Man.


  • Iron Man's nickname for Akira is "Samurai Boy", after director Akira Kurosawa whose movies tend to include samurais.
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