Al is Mikey's pet alligator from the Playhouse Disney (now Disney Junior) animated series "Can You Teach My Alligator Manners?".


Most of Al's dialogues consist of short vocals and limited speech. In the series, Al must learn how to behave whenever his owner Mikey tells him to teach him good manners to which according to the show's opening, Mikey's mother won't let him keep his pet alligator until her son teaches him manners.

Role in the series

Throughout the series, each episode focuses on a format where viewers are taught how to teach Al good behavior in every day life. Whenever Al does bad behavior in certain situations, Mikey will alert the viewer to know which square shows Al doing good manners so that Mikey can help the viewers help teach him manners by choosing one of the squares showing him behaving politely. Once the square showing Al behaving in a polite way is chosen, Al seems to understand and is also taught how to behave properly.

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