Albus Duckweed is a supporting character in the 2019 series Amphibia.



Albus Duckweed is a dignified individual who feels that he has a better outlook than most people. He openly voices his opinion on things, mostly food, and openly belittles those he feels do not meet his standards. Despite this, he does have a sense of individuality as he does not like being pampered to or given special treatment and wants to be seen as a normal person like everyone else. He is also shown to be very sociable with people as he often hosts various events such as the Firefly Festival ("Dating Season") and the mayoral run ("Hop-Popular").

Physical appearance

Albus is a light green newt with a pale green underbelly and four fingered hands. He has a long tail that has darker green spots on it. He has big round pale blue eyes with violet pupils and turquoise hair that is slightly long and tied into a ponytail with a purple ribbon.

He wears black pants, a navy blue undershirt and a purple waistcoat. He wears a pair of matching purple dress shoes and a black hat.


  • Albus uses a message board in Amphibia which is a literal message board due to the fact that computers do not exist.


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