Aldetha Teach was Blackbeard's 10th wife in Disney's 1968 movie, Blackbeard's Ghost. Before she died by burning completely at the stake by Blackbeard, who found out she was actually a witch, she put a curse on him that he will always be on Earth in limbo unless there'll be a spark of human goodness in him. Her tale was also told by Emily Stowecroft to Steve Walker when he came to spend the night at Blackbeard's Inn. She had a bed warmer which Steve purchased at an auction for $200 and when he accidentally sat on it, he found her book of spells in it along with a spell that can bring his eyes and ears to one who is bound in limbo: "Kree, Kruh, Vergo, Gaba, Kalto, Kree", thus, allowing him to see "That's right" Blackbeard's Ghost. Her portrait can be seen in Blackbeard's room of his Inn.


  • Since the early 2000s Madame Leota's book in spells Seance Room in the American versions of the Haunted Mansion features, "Kree, Kruh, Vergo, Gaba, Kalto, Kree" on the pages dedicated to summoning spirits from limbo.


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